Live and on-demand streaming to all popular devices

Using our adaptive streaming platform, you can deliver your live webcasts, radio channels, tv channels and videos to all popular devices on the web: stream from one source to all popular IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, computers and Airplay and Chromecast devices as well.

Unified GUI and API
Instantly set up and manage an unlimited number of live streams, tv channels and radio channels through our advanced GUI and API interfaces.

Redundant live encoders
We support redundant setups for live encoders: setup two encoders through two different uplinks, and our platform will immediately rollover to your secondary encoder to guarantee 100% availability.

Wide range of encoder support
We support a wide range of hardware and software live encoders, through RTMP, RTSP and HTTP, both push and pull.

Realtime transmuxing 
We automatically make your origin live streams and video assets available as Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG DASH, Adobe Dynamic Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Send us one stream and we output it in all these formats. We still support RTMP and RTSP output streaming as well, for your legacy customers.

All devices
Because we translate your streams to all the popular protocols, and because we don’t lock you into a one-size fits all video player, we support the widest range of browsers and devices: for PCs we support playback in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and IE, and we support all popular IOS and Android tablets and smart phones. Stream to Airplay and Chromecast devices including AppleTV. And of course we support any box and smart TV that is HTTP standards compliant and can playback native HTML5, HLS, DASH, RTMP and RTSP.