Screaming performance

Any CDN can deliver websites. That is easy. But are they optimised for video? UltraHD (4K) and 360° VR streams are extremely demanding. So we built the highest performing delivery infrastructure to serve your awesome content to audiences across the globe. It’s so tuned for streaming, we don’t serve out websites: media only.

No virtualization
Regular CDNs and clouds are built using virtualized servers and that seriously impacts performance. Jet-Stream only uses high performance physical servers, with high performance streaming and caching software on 10Gbps network links. We don’t compromise on performance!

High performance network
We use a pan-European fiber network with over 35 PoPs in all key European internet exchange points and many US network locations as well. Our network bypasses the unreliable internet to deliver your streams at the highest performance, directly into all the major internet service provider networks.

Parallel performance for long-tail videos
Long-tail content is served from high performance storage server clusters: this cluster guarantees that ten thousands individual videos are streamed at the highest performance, simultaneously.

We serve from RAM
Our intelligent streaming platform tracks the popularity of each individual stream and media object. When streams and videos reach a (configurable) popularity threshold, our platform automatically starts serving this content from high performance servers, from RAM! Yes, we stream directly from memory. Beat that, SSD.

Through our GUI and API, you can override our automated popularity mechanism by temporarily ‘turbo boosting’ live streams and video titles to our bursting layer of servers.

Turbo boost: MultiCDN
Do you need to reach remote areas? Do you need to handle extremely large peaks? We can enable Multi-CDN turbo boost for extra performance and capacity in specific regions, such as Asia or Latin America. Turbo boost means we instantly load balance all your HTTP streaming traffic over multiple global CDNs. You will still have access to virtually all your premium Jet-Stream features, regardless the underlying mix of CDNs. It’s rocket science.