Status reporting, statistics and media analytics

Who is watching? From where? With which devices? Are my encoders up? How much traffic am I using? How many concurrent viewers? How fast is my audience growing? All statistics, reports and analytics described below are offered for free with every Jet-Stream webcast, Pro and MultiCDN account.

Cloud based logging
Most streaming platforms gather their data from the player. Ad blockers and tracker blockers block this measurement which means that you can’t see what 20% of your audience is doing. Jet-Stream logs all view actions in the cloud, independent from the player. We can’t be blocked so we guarantee 100% accurate analytics. Our analytics service is 100% GDPR compliant.

Realtime encoder status reporting
For Icecast and RTSP/RTMP live streams, radio channels and tv-channels, the Jet-Stream platform reports whether your encoder is connected and whether the publishing point is active through our GUI and API.

Realtime VOD status report
For every object you upload to our intelligent origins we calculate a MD5 checksum. Our API lets you check whether the file was ingested correctly. For every active internal replication we also double-check whether the file was copied successfully and report this back to you.

Realtime popularity status
For every individual live and on-demand stream, the Jet-Stream platform reports the popularity status: regular (long-tail), boost (popular) and the optional turbo-boost (MultiCDN).

Realtime popularity statistics
Since all initial viewer request are handled by our active request routing platform, we measure what other CDNs don’t see. Every Jet-Stream webcast, Pro and MultiCDN account gets realtime (last 24 hours) graphical statistics on where traffic comes from, most requested content, live stream popularity and on-demand streams popularity.

Realtime error reporting
Our active request routers are in charge of granting viewers rights to access your content. You get a realtime listing of rejected requests, for instance when end users used invalid tokens, requested non-existing content or were blocked by geo fencing. If possible we add the referrer URL so you can fix potential issues on your portals and apps, or track unauthorised access.

Traffic usage reporting
Access logs are the most accurate source of traffic usage. The Jet-Stream platform collects access logs from all our own servers, and from all our MultiCDN partners. These logs are continuously processed and we calculate and report your traffic usage in our GUI and API.

Media analytics
Access logs are also the most accurate source for viewer analytics. Similar to Google Analytics, but then optimised for media, the Jet-Stream Media Analytics service provides you with deep, graphical insights in viewer behaviour, viewing time, geographies, popular content, and much more. You can drill down to details and generate custom reports. By design we strip the IP-addresses in our reporting so we and you are fully compliant to the strictest privacy and data protection laws in the world.

Custom analytics
We can provide you access to our access logs so you can import these into your own analysis engine. We also let you use your own custom media players, to which you can add additional analytics engines.

Cloud based logging and analytics are superior
Read more about why cloud based logging is more accurate in this blog post: Benefits of cloud based logging and analytics