Workflow automation for professionals

To accommodate even the most demanding streaming professionals, Jet-Stream is designed as an open platform, allowing you to build your own complex custom workflows around our core. Build or customize third party video players and simply point them to our publishing URLs. Our portal lets non-technical users integrate complex workflows. Your developers will love our well documented and feature rich API.

Rights management
Often, broadcasters need to work with third parties who contribute live streams or videos. You don’t want them to fully access your account. Jet-Stream allows you to configure users with limited rights, for video ingesting, live stream contribution and access to statistics for instance.

Remote origins
Feel free to configure your own remote origins: simply enter the URL(s) of your origins and we pull and cache your HTTP live streams and videos and blast them to your audience.

All reliable encoders
We allow you to use any software and hardware encoder that is capable of authenticating and outputting a decent RTMP, RTSP or icecast stream. Many IP cameras are supported as well.

The finest granularity in the industry
You can manage each live stream and video individually, instantly. Lock, geofence, delete, flush, publish individual objects through a unified GUI and a single API.

Log processing and analytics
We collect access logs, even from multiple CDNs and use them to give you great analytics. f you want to do custom analysis on your viewers: feel free to download your logs and have fun.

Integrate portals, backends, apps
Developers love Jet-Stream. Use our APIs and feeds to completely automate your workflow: instantly set up new live streams, manage geofencing and get statistics and statuses for instance. Integrate encoding platforms, apps and web portals in minutes instead of weeks. Your developers will love our rich APIs and our documentation.

No video player lock-in
You can use Jet-Stream URLs in your apps, portals and custom players. We don’t force our player upon you.

Oh and last but not least: we are completely transparent to DRM: encrypt your content your way.