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The all new Jet-Stream Platform

16 October 2019, Written by 0 comment

Jet-Stream Platform: What’s most impressive is its interface. They are intuitive and easy to use, but Jet-Stream hasn’t sacrificed functionality for simplicity. – Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor-in-Chief Streaming Media Magazine

Wow! That was 2009 when we at Jet-Stream introduced our streaming media management platform. We are proud to take professional streaming platforms to a new level, again. We are so excited to introduce:

The all new Jet-Stream Platform

Available October 29 2019 – To make the life of streaming experts like you so much easier, we completely modernised and redesigned our streaming platform. We put in 25 years streaming experience into the development of this rock-solid platform. We got rid of some really old unused legacy stuff. For instance, Windows media live stream creation is removed from the GUI. Before April 2020 we will remove support for Windows Media Streaming, except for customers with dedicated services. We are also introducing some great new features!

Don’t worry, no features or workflows were harmed. We made sure that the API’s work exactly the same way. We have incorporated the reliable core Jet-Stream backend, so you can trust on the uptime and performance of our proven streaming platform.

Let’s check the highlights:


Responsive, modern design 
The new Jet-Stream Platform web interface is now much easier to use on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. The content automatically adjusts to your screen size. The new screens are designed for clarity: all powerful streaming management options are there, easy to use, in one unified interface. The platform was redesigned by streaming experts, for streaming experts. 

New home screen with new real-time statistics

The new login page shows the latest news and shows a nice overview of the most important real-time statistics and reports of the day. 

To make your life easier, we split the Jet-Stream Platform interface into three menus:

  • Main Menu
    These screens are for your daily routines such as transcoding, assets, live streaming, remote origins, geo fencing and analytics. The features are explained in detail below.

  • Workflow automation Menu
    Developers: this is where you find API screens, Error messages and extensive documentation to fully integrate the Jet-Stream platform with live encoders, transcoders, asset management platforms, video portals, players, payment platforms and web portals. 

  • Account Menu
    With account management, consumption management and user management screens. Each account administrator can create multiple users with limited rights, so that the administrator can allow third parties to add files, set up live streams, give an application access to the APIs or to view statistics. The Jet-Stream Platform thus facilitates complex workflows between multiple parties.

Media transcoding service

Drag and drop your media files on the pre-set transcoding drop boxes to create multi bit rate adaptive streaming content. Your assets automatically show up in the Assets screen as logical adaptive streaming assets. 

Default and custom profiles
We offer the easiest transcoding workflow, yet you have full control. By default, we offer optimized encoding profiles for the most used applications: Full HD and HD adaptive bit rate streaming, and Full HD progressive download. You can customize profiles and you add custom profiles too. Batch processing of files can also be done via FTP and Webdav.

Affordable, integrated and automated
In the same screen, progress and processed transcoding jobs are shown. The Jet-Stream transcoding service itself is included free of charge. The use of the service is charged transparently at low costs: you only pay for actual transcoded output content per minute.

VOD streaming & media download service

Upload videos, images, podcasts, music, subtitles, poster images and VAST advertising content via drag and drop onto the streaming and www drop boxes. Batch uploading of assets can be done via FTP and Webdav too.

Integrated high performance origin servers
Your content is redundantly stored on deeply integrated streaming high performance origin servers inside the Jet-Stream platform. These servers support all popular streaming protocols such as HTTP adaptive streaming, RTMP and RTSP, as well as (progressive) downloading.

Assets statistics
The Assets screen offers an overview of all your streaming and downloadable assets. Real-time statistics are available for each individual asset. We also show the status of each asset inside our platform. 

Assets control
The Assets stream screen allows you to manage individual and multiple live streams, including flushing, deletion, metadata management, securing and publishing. 

Logical Assets
A single logical asset represents a group of physical files such as multiple bit rates of the same video, subtitles and thumb images. This makes managing your content such as locking and geo fencing a lot easier.

Assets security
You can lock and geo fence assets, also via the APIs. The Jet-Stream Platform guarantees protection against deep linking. You decide why someone gets access to your precious content, we enforce it. 

VOD transmuxing service
MP4 files are converted in real time to HLS or DASH adaptive bit rate streams over HTTPS. This service is included for free in the platform and is fully automated. Simply upload or transcode MP4 files and we take care of the transmuxing automatically. 

Live streaming service

Instantly create live stream publishing points for Icecasting, RTMP, RTSP and HTTP(s) encoders via user-friendly wizards. We simplified the wizards so it is now even easier to create live streams. Streaming publishing points can also be created automatically through our APIs. There is no limit (FUP) on the number of streams that can be created.

Live stream origin servers
Your live streams will be handled by our battery of live streaming origin servers that support all popular streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, Icecasting and HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming.

Live stream statistics 
The Live Stream screen provides an overview of all your live streams, and shows whether your encoders are (redundantly) connected. Real-time statistics are available for each individual live stream. 

Live stream control
The Live Stream screen allows you to manage individual and multiple live streams, including flushing, deletion, metadata management, securing and publishing. Broadcast settings for your encoders are instantly available. 

Live stream security
You can lock and geo fence streams, also via the APIs. The Jet-Stream Platform guarantees protection against deep linking. You decide why someone gets access to your precious content, we enforce it. 

Live stream transmuxing
live RTMP or RTSP H.264 / AAC streams are converted in real time to HLS or DASH adaptive bit rate streams over HTTPS. This service is included for free in the platform and is fully automated. Simply setup your live streams, start your encoders and we take care of the transmuxing automatically.

Live stream recording service

Record your live streams in the Live streams overview. You can start and stop recordings of each stream just like a VCR works. You can also schedule automated recordings in advance. Recordings can be done manually and via the APIs. Multi bit rate live streams are recorded in all bit rates. Recordings automatically appear in the Assets screen, and can be streamed directly as VOD. You can also choose to make recordings available for download for further processing. Recordings can also be daisy-chained to the transcoding service to create additional qualities. The use of the recording service is transparently charged at low rates per minute recorded material.

Remote Origins

It was never this easy to connect your VOD origin storage vaults, streaming origins and encoders to one or even multiple CDNs. Simply add origin servers to your account using our Remote Origin wizard. Enter their URL and you are done. The Jet-Stream Platform will instantly act as a caching shield and will load balance your downloadable and adaptive streaming content dynamically over the optimal mix of CDNs. We fully support redundant HTTP(s) origins with automatic seamless failover. Instantly scale to a virtually unlimited audience and offload your media origins by using the Jet-Stream Remote Origin Service. All key Jet-Stream features are integrated: live stream recording, access control, geo fencing, flushing, active load balancing, MultiCDN and powerful analytics.

New: Metadata management

Click on a live stream name or on an asset name. In this screen you can add metadata to each stream and object: enter Title, Description, Keywords and Author. You can search on any of these words to make it easier to search through large libraries.

In an upcoming release, this metadata can be automatically imported and exported via the APIs. This makes the use of external and expensive video platforms superfluous!

New: The Privacy Player

Fully integrated in the Jet-Stream platform: the unlimited and free Jet-Stream Player. The player plays all your favourite content: HLS and Icecast live streams, VOD streams, progressive downloads and podcasts, on all popular devices.

No trackers
The Jet-Stream Player does not secretly watch along with your viewers. Unlike video platforms and other players, no viewing behaviour data is measured, let alone stored on third-party systems. We are proud that the Jet-Stream Player fully complies with the European privacy guidelines.

Expert features
Jet-Stream Player offers expert features including 360° video, subtitles, customisable offline messages and error messages, poster images, scrub thumbs, Airplay, Chromecast and much more.

Faster than the speed of sound
Jet-Stream Player is fully adaptive and supports the highest quality video. Due to its very small footprint, without any trackers, the player loads and streams faster than the speed of sound.

Unlimited and free
The Jet-Stream Privacy Player is integrated and can be used unlimited for free. It saves broadcasters, publishers and other professional streaming users considerably on their video platform and player license costs. Of course it is still possible to use your own or third party video players with the Jet-Stream Platform. Read more on the player page.

By developers, for developers

The Jet-Stream Platform is designed to enable complex workflows to scale, yet through very easy web and API interfaces. It supports many use cases in a single, unified account. The platform offers an extensive menu of screens, APIs and documentation for developers, so that you can manage and scale workflows in an automated way. 

Bulk Asset Ingest
Integrate back-end media processing platforms such as transcoders and media asset management systems. Automatically let multiple users bulk ingest vod streams and downloadable assets into the Jet-Stream transcoding, streaming root and wwwroot services.

Control API
The SOAP API lets you fully take advantage of the advanced features of the Jet-Stream Platform. Create and manage live streams and users on the fly. Lock, geo fence, flush, delete and manage streams and assets, and create new remote origins. Read out live statuses of live streams and assets, and obtain publishing URLs through our well-documented and extensive SOAP interface. The APIs are protected per account and are available unlimited (FUP) for each account.

Traffic Feed
Subscribe to this feed to get insights in traffic usage on the Jet-Stream Platform. Accounts with reseller status can automatically obtain this information for multiple accounts so you can report and invoice to multiple divisions, users and customers automatically, and generate alerts when certain thresholds are reached.

Status Feeds
Subscribe backend systems, video platforms, portals and apps to the Jet-Stream Platform and get automatic updates and checks on new assets, new live streams, request errors and much more. 

Secure Token
Lock content and create tokens on the fly to grant users access to live streams and assets. You decide why a user is granted access (payment, login, or simply using your portal or app), and we enforce that locked content cannot be seen or deep-linked to. 

Streaming analytics done right

Server Side Analytics
Client side analytics are unreliable. Almost half of the video viewers on the Internet use tracker blockers, making client side analytics no longer a reliable source. The Jet-Stream analytics are logged and processed on the server side. This cannot be blocked and the result is 100% complete and accurate analytics. Jet-Stream analytics work regardless of the player used and do not require trackers.

GDPR compliant
Jet-Stream analytics are stored and processed in the Netherlands and fully comply with strict European privacy laws. This way IP addresses are made unrecognizable so that individual users cannot be traced.

Powerful reports
Jet-Steam Analytics is a powerful engine where you can extract crucial data about viewing trends, geography, viewing behaviour and technology, and generate reports. Here are a few examples of Jet-Stream Analytics reports:

Under the hood

The Jet-Stream Platform is so much more than just a nice web interface to manage streams. It is a combination of physical high performance equipment, smart architecture design, intelligent algorithms, packed with all the important streaming media technologies of today.

The Jet-Stream Platform is a CDN by itself, really optimized for video. Video requires much more than hosting simple web pages via a CDN. For example, we offer redundant live intake servers, a quadruple core platform with ultra-fast storage and a tiered bursting platform that serves content from memory. Nothing beats streaming from memory. This tiered architecture was designed to serve every stream as quickly and efficiently as possible. The platform automatically chooses which content is served on which layer, based on smart algorithms.

Based on more than 15 parameters, our load balancing algorithm determines per individual viewer request whether this viewer can view the requested content and which server is most suitable. All this happens within a millisecond. Thanks to our active load balancing, Jet-Stream achieves a much higher uptime than regular CDNs, which depend on passive DNS switching.

The Jet-Stream Platform is a deeply integrated MultiCDN platform. CDNs from third parties pretend to be our own Edge servers in the Jet-Stream Platform, and we fully control important features such as geo fencing, log processing, status reporting and flushing inside their systems. Super smart algorithms determine for each individual viewer request which CDN is most suitable to offer the streams to the viewers. In this way we guarantee the highest performance worldwide. And we also guarantee the lowest costs.

Every action you perform through our web and AP interfaces is processed immediately. We have separated smart software from the stupid servers. Servers are good at 1 thing: send as many streams as possible to viewers, at the highest performance. All intelligent features are incorporated in our modern software platform, so that your actions have an immediate effect, without having to inform tens of thousands of servers worldwide of your change. Compare that to how CDNs still work. 

Jet-Stream was one of the first streaming specialists in the world. We actually produced one of the very first live streams ever, in 1994. With our deep experience of streaming technologies, we have tuned and optimized our streaming caches and streaming engines so that your viewers have the most reliable streaming experience. 

Many organizations want to offer multiple departments separate accounts, so that these cannot access each other’s content, or they want to keep reports and usage measurements separate. Or they want to keep several use cases and workflows neatly separated from each other. Others want to be able to market streaming accounts under their own label. Jet-Stream offers special reseller accounts for these organizations. Multiple accounts can be managed in one central screen, and the interface can be customised with your own logos and colours.

Hidden features

You wouldn’t say it because of the clean interface designs, designed for streaming professionals, by streaming professionals, but the web interface and APIs of the Jet-Stream Platform incorporate many useful and powerful features that make the life of streaming experts so much easier. Check our documentation, or contact our streaming experts for a demo.

Ask one of our streaming experts for a demo, or ask for access to a free demo account to find out yourself how powerful the Jet-Stream Platform is. It is free.