It is essential for content creators, artists, sports clubs, and media companies to establish direct contact with their fans. 

MxT Conference: Sam Feldt

The recent MxT conference, co-founded by Jet-Stream, brought together startups, investors, musicians, and media professionals to discuss the symbiosis between technology and creative media. 

During this event, world-famous DJ Sam Feldt delivered an inspiring keynote in which he emphasized the importance of connecting with your fans. Let’s explore why this is crucial.

1. Independence from Social Platforms 

Social media platforms and video-sharing platforms can be valuable tools for building an audience and sharing content. However, there is a risk associated with relying solely on these platforms. If a platform suddenly disappears, changes its algorithm, alters its terms, or deems your content inappropriate, it can have catastrophic consequences for your reach and connection with your fans. While these platforms have access to information about your fans, you do not. Hence, it is crucial to establish your own services alongside social media.

2. Fan Engagement

Setting up your own services enables you to directly engage with your fans and build a deeper, more personal relationship with them. You can use social and video channels to create reach and then entice fans to initiate direct contact with you.

3. Exclusive Content and Benefits

You can offer exclusive content on a professional platform with a login system. Think of pre-releases of new music, music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, documentaries, films, and series. Exclusive live broadcasts are also within the realm of possibilities. Fans can create a free account and provide information such as their email address, interests, and location. With this data, you can offer exclusive deals, such as early access to albums, meet-and-greets during events, or special events for fans near concert venues.

4. Email Automation 

By integrating with an email automation system, you can automatically keep fans informed and entice them to purchase tickets, season passes, merchandise, and other goodies.

5. Subscription to Exclusive Content

You can also invite fans to subscribe to exclusive content for a fee. With modern technologies, it’s easy to create your own mini-Netflix-style platform where you decide which content is publicly accessible, viewable after login, available for one-time purchase, or accessible to subscribers. This provides additional revenue streams and added value for your fans.

6. Integration with Other Services

You can easily integrate these services with other offerings, such as granting free access to online videos for season ticket holders of sports clubs or fans who have purchased concert or festival tickets. You can also distribute free vouchers to VIP fans.

Establishing your own online video services and fan environment not only offers the potential for additional revenue but, more importantly, it provides complete independence and direct access to your fanbase. 

For more information about the possibilities and assistance in implementing this strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact Jet-Stream

You’ll be surprised at how straightforward and accessible it is to create such a service on the web and through smartphone apps and smart TV apps!