During the recent Jet-Stream Streaming Innovations webinar Jet-Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel talked about the impact of video and streaming on our global society, and about Jet-Stream’s own impact on society:

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1. Video is by far the best medium to share knowledge and creativity.

2. Streaming is THE technology to instantly distribute video across the world at scale.

3. In 1994 we sparked streaming video, a technology that transformed the world.

4. Streaming is disruptive in its capacity to share ideas and emotion across the world, beyond how book printing disrupted the world.

5. Streaming video democratises media: anyone can now share their knowledge and creativity.

6. Thanks to continuous innovations, the streaming industry took video streaming from 1 frame per second and 4 viewers in 1994 to 4K (even 8K) streaming to millions and millions in 2024, surpassing regular broadcasting.

7. The creative media industry and the tech innovation industry are intertwined and mutually dependent. They inspire and drive each other for greater content, innovation, distribution and monetisation.

8. AI will further drive the shift from text to video, by dramatically reducing time and costs in writing, creating, editing, optimising, and translating of content.

9. Since video and streaming are such strong technologies to instantly share emotion at scale, it is also at risk to be abused, and AI will make manipulation easier. Therefore, our industry needs to develop Trust: to guarantee what you are seeing is real & original.

10. Streaming is all about connecting people, but also about protecting people (and their data) and the planet.

11) Our industries should also further protect society and people against unlimited video scrolling addiction, short attention span and polarisation through algorithms. Services such as TikTok and YouTube must take leadership and accountability on these matters more serious.

Jet-Stream’s impact on society

By sparking streaming in 1994, we were part of something magical: the rise of online video and streaming, that led to a revolution in how we as humans connect, share, learn and inspire.

Jet-Stream for society.

Jet-Stream stands for streaming audio and video to inspire people, to make the world smarter and more creative, to bring people closer together and for organisations to have sustainable revenue models for sharing their knowledge and creativity.

Jet-Stream for the planet.

Jet-Stream is a leader and innovator in using renewable energy and in reducing the footprint of digital audio and video. We use 100% certified green energy, and have innovated to dramatically reduce our footprint and energy usage.

Jet-Stream for the people.

Jet-Stream is committed to privacy and data protection. Your media and data are yours, and is never shared or sold. We shield personal data. We minimise data. We are 100% EU sovereign, on EU soil, with EU staff and EU ownership.

Jet-Stream for its team.

Jet-Stream does not look where you are from but where you want to go. We strive for ultimate quality for our customers and for equal chance of opportunity and responsibility for every member of our team. We are a professional yet informal and international team of EU citizens.

Jet-Stream trust.

Trust that your streams are performing 24*7, trust that your media are protected to the highest standards. Trust that your business case and mission are protected. Trust that your data and your audience are safe. Trust that you can rely on a vendor that supports you with expertise. Trust that you have a future proof partner that helps you innovate and grow.