Are you a business looking to monetize your video content? Pay-per-view video on demand may be the solution you’ve been seeking. PVOD has gained a lot of popularity, as more people are turning to streaming as their primary source of entertainment. But what has made it such a popular choice for streaming platforms?

PVOD allows users to pay a one-time fee to access a specific piece of content, rather than subscribing to a monthly service. Thus, this monetisation model offers several benefits to streaming platforms:

  1. Higher revenue per user: PVOD allows streaming platforms to charge a higher price for individual pieces of content, resulting in higher revenue per user.
  2. Increased flexibility: PVOD allows users to pay for only the content they want, rather than subscribing to a bundle of content they may not watch. This flexibility can increase user satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Opportunity to monetise older content: PVOD allows streaming platforms to continue monetising older content that may not be as popular as newer releases.
  4. Increased demand for exclusive content: PVOD can create a sense of exclusivity and increase demand for exclusive content that is only available through pay-per-view video on demand.
  5. Potential for additional revenue streams: PVOD can create additional revenue streams for streaming platforms through partnerships with studios or content creators to release content exclusively on their platform.

How does Jet-Stream help you get the most out of your PVOD streaming business model?

  1. Integrate payment platforms, portals, and apps
  2. Highest uptime and performance
  3. 4K, 8K quality video, HDR, Dolby Atmos
  4. Global reach and scale via multiple CDNs
  5. Easy operation, yet fully customizable
  6. Content and business case protection
  7. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  8. Branded, interactive video player
  9. Reliable statistics for detailed insights
  10. Business data and audience protection
  11. Share revenues with content suppliers based on reliable view data

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