In recent years, the rise of online video streaming has transformed the way people consume entertainment, and SVOD has played a major role in this shift. Therefore, we will share a few ways how it can benefit your business.

SVOD (subscription video on demand) video streaming allows you to generate recurring revenues by offering premium or niche video content.

  1. Recurring revenue: By offering a subscription service, SVOD platforms can generate a consistent stream of revenue from users who pay a monthly fee to access the content. This can be more stable than relying on one-time purchases (PVOD) or ad revenue (AVOD).
  2. Upselling opportunities: SVOD platforms can offer subscribers additional content or services at a higher price point. This can include access to higher-quality streams, or add-on features like pay-per-view for exclusive content.
  3. International expansion: Many SVOD platforms have a global audience and can monetise this by offering different pricing tiers or localised content in different regions.
  4. Targeted advertising: With a large user base and data on their viewing habits, SVOD platforms can offer targeted advertising (AVOD) tiers to specific user groups, increasing ad inventory value.
  5. Partnerships and licensing: SVOD platforms can also monetise content through partnerships and licensing agreements with other companies or platforms. This can include licensing content for distribution on other platforms or partnering with brands to create sponsored content.

How does Jet-Stream help you get the most out of your SVOD streaming business model?

  1. Integrate payment platforms, portals, and apps
  2. Highest uptime and performance
  3. 4K, 8K quality video, HDR, Dolby Atmos
  4. Global reach and scale via multiple CDNs
  5. Easy operation, yet fully customizable
  6. Content and business case protection
  7. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  8. Branded, interactive video player
  9. Reliable statistics for detailed insights
  10. Business data and audience protection
  11. Share revenues with content suppliers based on reliable view data

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