Contextual video advertising is a type of online advertising that uses the context of a video and the viewer to deliver targeted and relevant advertisements to viewers. This approach uses metadata to describe the content of the video, as well as the context in which it is being watched, in order to deliver ads that are more likely to be of interest to the viewer.

1. Deliver relevant and engaging ads

One of the key benefits of contextual video advertising is its ability to deliver more relevant and engaging ads to viewers of AVOD and FAST services. By analyzing the content and context of the video and the viewer, contextual video advertising can deliver ads that are more likely to interest the viewer, based on their interests. Thus, it helps to improve the effectiveness of the ads, as viewers are more likely to engage with ads that are relevant to them.

2. Have full control and flexibility

Contextual video advertising provides businesses with better control and flexibility over their ad campaigns. Businesses can fine-tune their ad campaigns and target specific audience segments based on their preferences. This can help businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their ad spend and get the most value from their advertising campaigns.

3. Say no to a 3rd party tracker

Another benefit of contextual video advertising is that it does not require 3rd party tracker or cookie data for its effectiveness. By using contextual video advertising as the successor of 3rd party cookie-based advertising, businesses can show that data protection and privacy are key values, reducing the viewers’ hesitation to use the services, and limiting the need for ad- and tracker blockers, resulting in higher acceptance and higher effectiveness of ad campaigns.

4. Get more accurate results

Since contextual advertising does not require third-party cookies, browsers are not blocking the data or the ads. Therefore, the results of contextual video advertising are better compared to cookie-based advertising, which is highly impacted due to browser restrictions.

What are the advantages of Jet-Stream Cloud’s contextual video advertising?

Free, unlimited video advertising

Contextual video advertising is built into Jet-Stream Cloud. Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro offers the feature for free with unlimited use. Unlike other video player vendors, it does not eat into CPM margins. That is a competitive advantage for publishers and broadcasters who offer AVOD or FAST services.

Contextual video metadata management with VMS

Jet-Stream Cloud lets businesses insert contextual video metadata per video and live stream, by hand or automated. For instance by using machine learning algorithms that analyze the contents of videos. Also, per video and per live stream, IAB advertising categories can be selected. This metadata is stored in Jet-Stream Clouds’ built-in VMS (Video Management System).

Automatic generation of metadata

Jet-Stream Cloud also automatically generates technical metadata about the video (such as length, screen sizes and bit rates). Privacy Player Pro automatically generates metadata about the viewers (such as device, OS, browser, screen size, time zone and city location).

Viewers’ privacy protection

All this metadata is shared with the advertisers. The combination of all this rich data gives advertisers the ability to show the most relevant ads to each viewer. Moreover, to ensure the viewers’ privacy protection, Jet-Stream Cloud proxies the industry standard VAST advertisement connections, shielding the viewers from the advertisers.

Overall, contextual video advertising is a valuable technology that allows businesses to deliver more relevant and engaging ads to viewers. By using Jet-Stream Cloud’s built-in, contextual video advertising services, businesses can improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the overall user experience. It can also reduce operational costs.

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