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Why consider using your own video hosting platform for your business?

20 September 2019, Written by 0 comment

You may ask: why do I need to use a paid platform for hosting my video content if I can use a free service such as YouTube, Facebook, VIMEO, etc.?!

That is a very good question!

That is why I decided to write this blog post to share some benefits of using your own video platform if you have a business.

Recently I was typing in Google: “How to plant roses”. I have just bought roses and wanted to plant them in my garden. I saw a video on this topic, pressed on the link and it redirected me to YouTube. I watched the video, then I watched another one and another, then I saw a nice video about a kitten playing with a dog and more videos have come. After a while I looked at my watch and realized that I have spent on YouTube more than two hours, my roses were still in my bag and I lost all the motivation to plant them.

Can you relate? I guess this is not what you want to do to your customers. You want to sell more flowers in the future and to perfect their experience with planting their garden, right?

When creating videos for engagement with a brand, marketers usually have one main goal – to reach as many people as possible. Social platforms can be a good tool to post your videos to reach a big audience, however, from the above example, you may see that such platforms like YouTube can do more harm than good. Suggested videos on YouTube can easily drive your customers away from your content and from your company. A potential nightmare for your business while using these free services is that one of your competitors’ videos will be shown in the suggested videos and your customer is gone.

Should you stop using YouTube?

Heck no! YouTube is an awesome tool to reach a big fan base by engaging with your customers and enlarging your reach. You can use YouTube to draw the attention of your viewers to your website where you can convert them afterwards. But be careful and keep them on your website and do not let them go back to a big sea of content on YouTube. You can do that by using your own video hosting platform.

We advise our customers to use the combination of two wonderful technologies such as social media platforms to bring traffic to your website, let people engage with your brand and enlarge your audience and own hosting video platforms to convert, engage and provide customer satisfaction.

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