It’s a cloud… It’s a video platform… It’s Jet-Stream.

Video platforms: easy, but limiting.

Streaming is complex. Video platforms such as JWP, Vimeo, Mux, Flowplayer and Wowza promise to make streaming easier. That’s great. But to make things easy, they have to cut corners and offer a fixed blackbox workflow. This limits your use case and your business. Video platforms outsource their infrastructure to generic clouds. This limits your quality, performance, and scale.

Cloud Media Services: flexible, but risky.

A more flexible alternative for video platforms is to build your own streaming pipeline on cloud media services: encoding, transcoding, origin, Multi-CDN, security, player, analytics, and so on. This flexibility and control come at a price: it requires a deep budget, a team of experts, and lots of time. The curve to go from a video platform to building your own streaming stack on a cloud is steep, slippery and dangerous. It’s never going to be easy, or intuitive, let alone affordable.

Jet-Stream to the rescue.

Jet-Stream Cloud offers many benefits over video platforms and cloud media services. You cannot compare Jet-Stream Cloud, it is a much more advanced streaming platform, offering the flexibility, freedom and control from cloud media services, in an easy to use portal and powerful API, hosted on its own cloud, running professional streaming applications. Jet-Stream is a third category, built by the inventors of streaming. You get the best of both worlds, without the associated drawbacks.

Here are the 10 benefits of Jet-Stream over video platforms:

1) Better performance: 430% faster.

Jet-Stream Cloud is Europe’s purpose-built streaming cloud, built for 4K and 8K streaming. Streaming chunks load over 400% faster compared to Amazon Cloudfront, Microsoft Azure and generic CDNs. Your benefits: you compete with better start time, less buffering, higher bit rates and higher quality media.

2) Better uptime and global scale: 99.999%.

Eight integrated CDNs and active load balancing algorithms guarantee ultimate global scale and extreme uptime, with geo optimisation and built-in monitoring. Each view request is individually analysed and routed, enforced. You have real-time distribution control per title. Imagine the capacity of multiple CDNs stacked on top of each other. Your benefits: CDN independency, you compete on global scale and availability.

3) Easier: stream live in 10 seconds.

OnAir 4K, the built-in live encoder, lets you stream up to 4K ultra high definition quality, straight from your browser, in a single click. Publish in a second click. There is no step 3. Your benefits: instant high quality live streaming for non-technical staff and customers enables new use cases in reporting, education, sports, marketing, and gaming.

OnAir 4K
OnAir 4K

4) Smarter and more professional: 100% freedom and control.

Award-winning orchestration features allow you to create advanced streaming workflows in minutes, with features beyond what video platforms can offer. Easy, smart and expert:

Integrate encoders via many protocols. Setup radio streams. Personalise transcoding profiles. Upload straight to the origins and stream in your original pristine quality. Stream up to 8K. Get dedicated intake and origin services. Manage Multi-CDN distribution management, per individual title, in real-time. Real-time enforce security features, per title.

Tune Jet-Stream services and integrate your own encoders, transcoders, origins, CDNs, DRM, players and analytics and mix, all in the easiest to use web interface, and a powerful API. Your benefits: freedom, flexibility and control to start now and tune your service into the most competitive in the industry.

5) Cheaper: 40% cost reduction.

Lowest total cost of ownership. No third party cloud costs, cost reducing traffic algorithms, full control over transcoding, storage and traffic. Unlimited and free use of player, multi-cdn and statistics services. Advanced workflow management and automation tools slash internal and external costs. Your benefits: less out of pocket costs, fastest time to market, reduced internal operational load and costs.

6) More reliable insights: 100% accurate data.

Player-side tracker data is inaccurate. With Jet-Stream analytics, every view is logged server-side, guaranteeing 100% view data capturing. No sampling, real-time data. You get both intuitive and advanced web interfaces, and live streaming feeds of data. Your benefits: accurate insights let you make better strategic decisions.

7) Better data protection: 100% GDPR.

European owned, European hosted, global reach. All your data is protected by the secure cloud. Audited by EDPS. Jet-Stream protects your business, your data and your audience. Your benefits: your audience benefits, your competitive sensitive data is safe, you comply to the law, no risk for privacy claims.

8) Greener: 100% carbon neutral.

Not in 2025 or 2030, but today: Jet-Stream Cloud is 100% powered by green energy. Intelligent algorithms reduce footprint and energy costs. Your benefits: the entire planet benefits, and your wallet benefits too.

9) Better FAST & AVOD monetisation.

Third party data advertising is dead. Jet-Stream Contextual Video Advertising increases your CPM revenues and reduces your CPM costs. Your benefits: lower costs, higher revenues = better margins.

10) Better support: 9.5 customer rating.

Jet-Stream invented streaming in 1994, we have the most experience in the industry. Rely on Jet-Stream as your partner for strategy, business case, use case and workflow support. Your benefits: a reliable, fast, transparent and expert partner with the longest and best track record to rely on.

One more thing.

Jet-Stream is a privately owned, profitable and successful company, without investors. We are not a startup. We are not over financed. Jet-Stream puts customers, quality and innovation first. We are a long term partner with fast development cycles.

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