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Your streaming strategy

21 July 2021, Written by 0 comment

Your streaming strategy

If your ambition is to fly, you want to be free as a bird.

There is no airline that develops its own aircraft.

With Jet-Stream you are the pilot. 

And behind the scenes we are your autopilot.


If you want to stream professionally, you have three strategic choices:

One stop shop video platforms
• Advantages: fast online, easy service.
• Disadvantages: you get stuck in a rigid workflow that limits your use case and therefore your business case; pretty expensive services

Do it yourself clouds
• Advantages: build your own custom workflow completely.
• Disadvantages: risky, requires expertise, takes time; can become very expensive.

Control it yourself
• The best of both worlds: the convenience of a one-stop shop, combined with the flexibility and tools to quickly set up complex workflows so that you can support all your current and future use cases and business cases.

Jet-Stream is your Control it yourself partner. Our open platform offers maximum flexibility and the APIs provide maximum control. Our mission is to make the complexity of streaming easy and manageable.

Streaming is hot

Okay, you’ve decided: it’s time to start streaming seriously. Logical, because streaming is all the rage these days. The internet is ready, and the people are ready: your employees and your relations.

Where email and social media create distance, audio and video bring people together. No other technology provides such clear, pleasant communication.

Even if you are on the other side of the world: audio and video come closest to personal contact: you hear and see what people mean, in their intonation, and in their facial expressions.

It is logical that audiovisual media is so popular. Live streaming takes that one step further: it is exciting, it is now, you’re really connected and it’s authentic.

Streaming can save you so much: less travel, less time, less costs. The yield is also high: streaming connects, inspires and converts.

Everyone a streaming strategy

More and more modern organizations are making streaming an integral part of communication, business processes and of marketing and sales.

But what next? Setting up a movie or a stream seems so easy. But even the most experienced CTO will agree that streaming is a complex matter that requires a lot of expertise.

Do It Yourself, One Stop Shop or Control It Yourself?

You are faced with three options:

1) One Stop Shop

Create an account with a video platform, upload your videos and start your live streams. One Stop Shops are video platforms that have reduced the complexity of video to a nice, clear and simple workflow.

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable to take shortcuts when simplifying workflows. Choices are made for all customers.

Perhaps the One Stop Shop is a perfect solution for your current use case. But use cases are expanding. And often new use cases are added. Your market does not stand still.

Professional streaming parties often have challenging use cases that go beyond managing some videos and setting up some live streams. This requires more flexible workflows, where you can intervene and steer much deeper in every step of the process.

Think of wanting to transcode videos yourself, or to influence the transcoding profiles. To use Icecast streaming next to HLS and DASH. Make your own analysis based on data, instead of using built-in statistics. You may want to be able to use your own player too. Integrate with multiple backend systems and portals? Or maybe you want to be able to influence distribution, security, recording, or publication. Do you need to assign rights to multiple users in multiple accounts, so that suppliers, departments and employees can each do their work but not get in the way of others, and you may want separate workflows and isolated analytics and reporting. Who knows, you might eventually want to grow to have your own streaming servers and a self-hosted streaming and CDN management platform.

Unfortunately, we have seen parties too quickly opt for the ‘Our Way or The Highway‘ approach of One Stop Shop video platforms. Suddenly they got stuck. So a second One Stop Shop was added. And a third. Or a piece of their own custom tooling. The start of a nightmare of cluttered, interconnected systems and frustrating work processes for your organization. Believe me, since we started streaming in 1994 we’ve seen this happen over and over at numerous parties and it’s such a shame.

And how independent, free and flexible are you, if you completely outsource something that could become a mission-critical, core process in your business operations?

And then the costs. It all seemed so cheap, starting for a few bucks a month. But now that there are more users and viewers, the costs per seat or per view make a serious dent in your business case. And that business case can soon be under pressure because the workflow limitations can no longer support your use cases.

There is no airline that flies as passengers with others.

Of course video platforms are an accessible and fast way to go live quickly, and many parties are very happy with them. But more and more parties are coming back to their decision: they want more flexibility, more freedom, more control.

2) Do It Yourself

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum: build everything yourself. Hire specialists who will discuss your use case with you. Hire an architect to tailor your specific streaming workflow to support your specific use case. Hire a development team to build this workflow.

Arrange a cloud infrastructure, tie their building blocks together and run your custom software there, or build your own infrastructure. Hire an operations team to keep your infrastructure and workflow running. The development team will have to continuously develop to keep your system up to date.

Do you see the challenges and the risks? Good luck in finding all those experts. Such a team costs serious money. It can take months, sometimes years to go live. With the risk that the infrastructure is not scalable enough, is not stable enough, that the workflow does not work as expected, that features are missing.

Your Total Cost of Ownership turns out to be through the roof, with such an expensive team, and then those trendy cloud infrastructures turn out to be successful in scaling their billing and take a big bite out of your business case. If you can keep up with the developments in the market at all, with the risk that your entire use case collapses because your own platform becomes obsolete and turned out to be a divestment.

Reinventing the wheel yourself may seem cool, but the ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome has already failed many wonderful streaming initiatives. We’ve seen it happen so much. And that’s a shame. 

There is no airline that develops its own aircraft.

Of course there are success stories. Think of Netflix, which has such an enormous scale that it is possible to have its own core streaming team and its own servers worldwide. But Netflix also first started hiring specialist suppliers before they dared to take this step, and still relies on third parties. 

3) Control It Yourself

Fortunately, there is a third option, and it’s called Control It Yourself. Where you have strategic control over your work processes, and can implement these work processes quickly, without getting stuck. And at the same time you don’t need an expensive team of specialists and a mix of suppliers, or infrastructure.

With Control It Yourself you outsource the commodity services (such as storage, hosting and distribution) that others can organize better and more efficiently at scale, and you rely on the specialization of streaming workflows, on a specialist who is at the forefront of innovation and can spread investments across all customers at scale.

You stay in control of your workflows at all times. The APIs of Control It Yourself platforms offer you all streaming tools and the flexibility to set up multiple complex workflows. And the web interfaces offer the ease of use that you get with One Stop Shops.

At every point in the work process, you decide what happens to your videos and live streams, and how you publish them. You can orchestrate everything at the supplier. Up to and including which mix of servers and CDNs is used for which stream. If you want to encode your videos yourself, you can do that too. If you prefer to use your own video player in the mix in addition to that of the supplier, that is also possible. If you want to host your origin or edge servers yourself, that’s possible, but it’s all just as well with the supplier. You decide.

You can start small, and quickly start your MVP. Your business case is clear. And if you continue to grow, there are plenty of opportunities to further control your costs, to gain knowledge, to do more and more in-house. Up to and including your own servers, and your own dedicated streaming and CDN orchestration platform, whether or not managed by the specialist.

With Control It Yourself suppliers you have the ‘Best Of Both Worlds‘: the benefits of outsourcing and the control of Do It Yourself. Short time to the market, low costs, without getting stuck, and a growth path. 

Buy a plane, sell flights, build a fleet and conquer the world.

If you’re thinking of taking a serious step into streaming, consider carefully which of these three options you’re taking. That choice is the foundation for a great bleeder, or for a great success. And then think about which supplier suits you best. Speaking of suppliers:

Why Jet Stream?

1) The streaming specialists

We pretty much invented streaming when we did our first webcast in 1994. Jet-Stream is now 18 years old and has helped many hundreds of European customers to make their cool streaming projects a great success. There is a good chance that we have already seen your use case several times. There is also a good chance that our platform supports your required workflow out of the box. And if not, a lot is still possible: we like the challenge. Our experts are happy to think along with you about the perfect architecture and workflow. This can be done entirely on our SaaS infrastructure, or in a hybrid form with your own origin, core or edge servers, or even as a full replica of our award-winning streaming and CDN management system, whether or not hosted and managed in-house by you, or with us. We can include a smart mix of multiple CDNs to make your distribution as efficient as possible.

2) The Streaming Orchestration Platform

Jet-Stream is a thoroughly developed and proven Control it Yourself streaming platform. Since 2003, hundreds of professional streaming parties in Europe have entrusted their core streaming services to our robust platform, day in, day out, 24*7. The versatility and flexibility, the user-friendly web interfaces and the extensive APIs, have been developed together with our customers to be able to set up very complex and very diverse workflows in hours, sometimes even minutes. Whether you want to stream radio, launch theme channels, do a live webcast, run an internet or OTT video platform, AVOD, SVOD, TVOD: it all fits. All at the same time, in one account. You are in complete control.

3) Reliability, performance and scale

If your streams don’t work, your core business is down. Jet-Stream has its own tiered and redundant infrastructure in Europe, lightning-fast connections, active monitoring, active load balancing, smart algorithms, deep Multi CDN integration and a dedicated enthusiastic team that ensures that your streams always work. We go much further than the SLA of 1 CDN. In recent years we achieved 100% actual content availability: unique. Oh yeah, reliability isn’t all about technology: Jet-Stream has been independent and profitable since its inception, with no loans or investors.

4) Groningen, Dutch, European and worldwide.

We are from Groningen, and they keep their promises and agreements. We are a Dutch company, with infrastructure in Europe. We speak our languages. Our customers are located all over Europe. We have nothing and do nothing with US clouds. And that benefits privacy and independence. By stacking multiple CDNs, we have the largest integrated capacity to instantly scale to many millions of viewers worldwide.

5) Innovation

We produced the first ever live stream, in 1994. We built the first CDN in 1997. We were the first to introduce mobile streaming, and pioneered vodcasting. We invented active load balancing, just like integrated Multi CDN. We developed the first CDN management platform that separated intelligence and distribution, making it much more scalable and efficient. We are pioneers and innovators at heart.

6) Security and privacy

Most use cases require that videos and live streams can be shielded. Jet-Stream offers integrated security solutions with which you determine who can and cannot access. We provide the shielding. Your media, your data and your viewers are safe with us. We are European, with European infrastructure. We don’t do tracking. We have an active pro privacy and data minimization policy. We comply with the strictest privacy legislation in Europe. Our video player is called the Privacy Player for a reason.

7) Loyal Customers

Customers are so satisfied with Jet-Stream that they don’t leave. The performance and stability are top notch, they can continue to grow and develop with their workflows, they can launch new use cases, and are very satisfied with the speed and knowledge of our support specialists. These are always senior experts, not a first-line call center in a faraway place.

8) Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

A Jet-Stream account is available from €200 per month and in addition to storage and monthly data bundles, it also includes countless features.

Unlimited and free included are: live transmuxing, the professional HTML5 Privacy Player, reliable analytics, advanced security features, the web interface, user management, API, redundant high performance infrastructure and active load balancing. You can never compete with developing and managing this for €200 per month.

Additional services such as transcoding and recording are pay per use. The Pro version of the Privacy Player can compete with expensive commercial players and costs only €149 per month, with unlimited views. Multi CDN is available fully integrated for a low fee.

Extra storage and data traffic are offered at transparent and low rates. Unlike clouds and One Stop Shop platforms, traffic prices drop quickly so that your success is not penalized.

You can run your own origin servers, core servers, edge servers and bring in CDN contracts to save even more on storage and traffic costs.

Your Total Cost of Ownership is lowest with Jet-Stream. The more complex your workflows, and the more use cases you want to launch, the better the TCO becomes, compared to Do It Yourself and One Stop Shop solutions. Start small and grow without the pain.

9) No headaches

Everything always works, not just your streams, but also your complex workflows. And if you have any questions, email or call us, we’ll help you quickly. 

The number of incidents in our platform is low, and if something goes down, the self-healing system ensures that you and your users won’t notice. We are on top of it 24*7 preventively to ensure that everything continues to work properly. 

If you need to produce a mission-critical live broadcast: we can assist in advance and we are ready during your broadcast: your personal hotline, a small insurance to ensure that your big event is a success.

10) Your strategic partner

Call us for an enthusiastic conversation about your use case, your business case, your workflow challenges and how we can help you. Team Jet-Stream is ready for you, 24*7. Please request a free trial. We are happy to give you a personal demo. With our documentation you will be completely live in no time.

Fly Jet Stream 🙂

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