We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the new Jet-Stream Maelstrom video transcoding service for all account owners.

You can find the service under ‘transcoding’ in the main menu of your Jet-Stream account.

What is the idea behind it?

Existing transcoding workflows and profiles are kept intact, you can notice an increase in overall picture quality. Jet-Stream’s dev team developed the MaelStrom broadcast-grade video transcoding service to replace third-party (non-EU) transcoding services. The team spent a year building custom transcoding engines, tuning the video profiles, building the kubernetes stack, and creating workflow automation. MaelStrom runs in-house on our own cloud and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Why you should try it?

  • 4K adaptive transcoding
  • High-quality video tuned
  • Custom transcoding profiles
  • Include the 8K, and 6K original video
  • 100% green energy powered
  • 100% EU-owned and hosted
  • Full control over costs per title

What do the experts think about it?

The new MaelStrom transcoding service was tested by Streaming Media Magazine:

Other providers may force you into a particular workflow, but with Jet-Stream, you’re able to mix and match workflow components. I found the transcoding interface very straightforward. If you add a transcoding profile, you’ll see prices per minute associated with the preset you’ve chosen“.

Joshua Peper, CTO:

Regular video platforms transcode up to Full HD on their terms. They decide the quality, and they decide the costs. Professional streamers need 4K adaptive videos and need more control over video quality and the associated costs. Also, there are concerns about what happens with the media, since these can contain personal data. We are one of the few streaming platforms that run their own cloud, and that is a benefit. We developed MaelStrom to give customers full control over quality and costs, to go beyond Full HD with QuadHD and 4K profiles, and the ability to add 6K and 8K qualities in the mix and to bypass the transcoding service too. It fits well in our Easy, Smart, Expert approach. MaelStrom is easier than video platforms, smarter than cloud transcoding services and experts can manage their own transcoding entirely.”

How does it work?

easy transcoding

Drag and drop a video on one of the transcodings presets. There is no step 2.

smart video transcoding

Create custom transcoding profiles in the web interface, and control quality and costs per title. You see the costs per bit rate per minute.

expert transcoding

Add the original 8K, 6K, 4K or FHD video to the mix of adaptive bit rates. Save as an adaptive stream or as progressive downloads. Batch ingest videos to create an automated scalable transcoding pipeline. Use the API to create custom transcoding profiles. You can bypass the transcoding service and upload your (adaptive) media in their original pristine quality directly to the Jet-Stream Origin services.

This is the first public release of Maelstrom, more features and improvements are on the roadmap. Feel free to reach out to test drive the service.