Have you already heard the latest news? Our MaelStrom Live transcoding solution was recognised as the best transcoding solution at the esteemed Streaming Media European Innovation Awards. It’s not just a testament to our commitment to innovation, but a reflection of the hard work and perseverance of our team.

To those who took the time to cast their vote for us, we’re eternally thankful. Your belief in our vision fuels our innovation.

The power behind MaelStrom Live

Built right into Jet-Stream Cloud, MaelStrom Live is our professional, cloud-based live transcoder designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the streaming world. At its core, it’s more than just a transcoder. It’s the representation of our ambition to offer broadcasters and content creators a seamless, ultra-efficient tool for live streaming.

Full control over qualities and costs

MaelStrom Live offers a unique approach to live streaming. It takes your source stream and transforms it into multiple qualities, from mobile-friendly resolutions to stunning 4K quality. The beauty? You’re in the pilot’s seat, navigating your costs and qualities for each title. 

Efficiency and Excellence

At its core, MaelStrom is a hybrid genius of software and hardware. By operating each transcoding process in its dedicated container, it achieves remarkable efficiency. And with hardware accelerators on its side, ultra-low-latency transcoding is not just a promise but a guaranteed delivery. The negligible delay it introduces is merely a few hundred milliseconds, maintaining a broadcast-grade picture quality.

the best hybrid transcoding architecture

User-Friendly Interface

For us, innovation isn’t complete without accessibility. Our intuitive interface ensures even those new to the streaming realm can navigate with ease, making the most of what MaelStrom Live has to offer.

Sustainable Streaming

And while we revel in our technological strides, our commitment to the environment and sustainable practices stands unwavering. We’re particularly proud to share that MaelStrom consumes 89% less energy compared to conventional CPU-based encoders. Innovation, for us, is not just about what we create but how we create it.

Competitive Pricing

Now, you may wonder, such a disruptive solution must come with a hefty price tag, right? Think again. Contrary to expectations, our solution is not only superior but also more wallet-friendly than many competitors out there. For a deep dive into the cost-effectiveness of MaelStrom Live, do check out our detailed article.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Jet-Stream!