All Dutch regional broadcasters have implemented a new video advertising service from Opt Out Advertising and Jet-Stream, yielding higher ad revenues, while guaranteeing the privacy of their audience.

OutStream video ads

The new OutStream advertising service shows advertisement videos in the broadcasters’ webpages and apps, without the need for video content. Video ads are shown without the need for cookie-consent because privacy is guaranteed and no cookies are being used, resulting in high reach.

“With the increasing growth of consentless inventory, we are excited to offer a range of products that respect users’ privacy to both publishers and advertisers. Expanding advertising opportunities with outstream video allows publishers to serve a diverse range of advertisers. As instream video is rare, the outstream video product makes it possible to add a new revenue stream while respecting users’ privacy and the first results look very promising”, says Tom van Bentheim from Opt Out Advertising.

Privacy friendly cloud

Opt Out Advertising recently switched their hosting infrastructure to the European GDPR-compliant Jet-Stream Cloud, which also provides an improved video player for displaying the ads. Jet-Stream Cloud is an EU-owned, operated, and hosted sovereign cloud that actively protects its customers and the viewers’ data.

Enhanced advertising video player

Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro was enhanced to support the new OutStream video advertising model. Opt Out Advertising uses the players’ built-in API to fully control and monitor whether the ad is being loaded, watched, to pause the video when is scrolled beyond, whether the window is active or not, and to verify whether the ad is watched.

“We love the cooperation with Opt Out Advertising, since both our companies are committed to data protection, and together we help our customers improve their monetisation, while protecting their data. We are excited that broadcasters value our partnership and our mutual innovations. To see that they are improving their ad revenues, while start taking true GDPR compliance seriously is great. The cases with the broadcasters prove that privacy drives business, which is a breakthrough in this industry”, says Stef van der Ziel from Jet-Stream.

About Opt Out Advertising

Opt Out Advertising is a dedicated partner for publishers, agencies, and advertisers navigating the evolving landscape of privacy friendly advertising. As the industry undergoes transformative shifts in consent modules, law- and legislation, and privacy awareness, Opt Out Advertising provides a solution that prioritizes cleanliness and privacy-friendliness in the monetization of consentless inventory within the online advertising sphere.

About Jet-Stream Cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud stands out as a leading European streaming specialist with a steadfast commitment to data protection, independence, and portability. Distinguishing itself from other cloud services, Jet-Stream has developed its own European cloud infrastructure situated on EU territory, managed exclusively by EU staff, and entirely owned by EU entity, free from any non-EU interference. This dedication to sovereignty and security extends to their renowned live and on-demand streaming capabilities, transcoding services, multi-cdn with 9 integrated content delivery networks, media security measures, advanced analytics, and a feature-rich video player.