Carbon neutral broadcasting was a hot topic at IBC2022, the initiative Greening of Streaming has oarganised several meetups and discussions during IBC. Jet-Stream announced that its new Jet-Stream streaming cloud is 100% green.

The Green of Streaming organisation

According to the Greening of Streaming: “The world has become increasingly reliant on streaming services for business, entertainment, and social interactions. For streaming to continue to change the world for the better, it needs to focus on best practices around energy consumption. Greening of Streaming is a members association that brings the industry together to help create joined-up thinking around end-to-end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain underpinning streaming services.”

CTO Joshua Peper: “We use data centres with extremely efficient cooling, which reduces energy consumption. Our new hardware uses the least watts per transcode and per stream. We use smart algorithms that track the popularity of every individual video in real time. Capacity is instantly scaled up and down in our tiered infrastructure, reducing the footprint dramatically. Many vendors try to be carbon neutral by 2030. I’m proud that Jet-Stream Cloud is already there today: it is 100% powered by green energy.