Jet-Stream, in collaboration with EdgeNext, worked with Leqture to globally stream the International Women’s Day 2024 celebration to viewers worldwide, available in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and English languages.

Leqture & Jet-Stream

Leqture, a company specializing in curating, producing, and facilitating live sessions for numerous companies, was hosting a high-profile event featuring 12 keynote speakers from all over the world for international companies’ employees. Unlike previous occasions where Microsoft Teams sufficed, this time, the streams had to cater to a global audience, spanning from America to China, with live subtitling in numerous languages. Thus, Leqture required a professional streaming service provider capable of meeting these specific criteria: Jet-Stream.

Why Jet-Stream?

Jet-Stream emerged as the preferred solution due to its reputation as Europe’s leading streaming platform with a track record of ensuring high-quality, secure streams worldwide and it’s live multi-language capabilities.

A major advantage of Jet-Stream Cloud is that it combines multilingualism with distribution to exotic continents. Translation into Japanese, Arabic and Chinese, for example, is of little use if you are unable to reach viewers in those parts of the world. And vice versa, high performance and scale for streams in those countries are of little use if people cannot understand the content. Jet-Stream Cloud has integrated both multi-translation and multi-CDN, maximizing the reach of your content: both in readability, audibility and high performance in Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa.

Multi Language Subtitling

Jet-Stream’s Cloud, designed for multi-language streaming support, integrates a comprehensive suite of multilingual features such as automated translation, subtitling, and narrative services. For this particular event, Leqture used the multilingual subtitling from audio to text with further translations.

These multilingual live subtitles are generated through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, that transcribes spoken content into text with remarkable precision. Subsequently, the transcribed text is automatically translated using AI into numerous languages.

To ensure accessibility and comprehension for Leqture’s diverse global audience, the live subtitles were provided in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and English. Thanks to Privacy Player Pro, viewers were able to switch between the multilingual subtitles on-the-go, which enhanced their viewing experience.

Global Reach, Including China

To ensure the event’s availability across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas, Leqture leveraged Jet-Stream’s Airflow Multi CDN service. With integration into 8 global CDNs, Jet-Stream guaranteed optimal performance, scalability, and reliable high-quality streaming worldwide. Jet-Stream’s partnership with EdgeNext, a leading edge cloud service provider with a physical presence in China, ensured the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to facilitate streaming into China.

There is a clear trend to livestream events more professionally, where more advanced features are required such as delivery into emerging markets such as China, multi-language live subtitling, and professional webcast support services, and we welcome professional partners such as Leqture”, comments CEO of Jet-Stream, Stef van der Ziel.

Valuable Insights

Furthermore, Jet-Stream’s built-in real-time analytics provided Leqture with valuable insights into audience engagement. Analyzing traffic usage, live stream sessions, popularity, demographics, devices, and referrers allowed Leqture to measure the event’s success and optimize future strategies effectively.

Jet-Stream’s multi-CDN technology was crucial in reaching viewers worldwide with smooth, high-quality streams. It was amazing to combine that global reach with live subtitles in ten languages.  

Team Leqture

For such a high-profile event, we needed a streaming partner that could handle a global audience. Jet-Stream’s multi-CDN technology was crucial in reaching viewers worldwide with smooth, high-quality streams. It was amazing to combine that global reach with live subtitles in ten languages.  It made the International Women’s Day event truly accessible and ensured everyone could understand the inspiring speakers, no matter where they were in the world.” – Team Leqture