1. Expertise

Jet-Stream played a modest but important role in the birth of streaming. We produced the world’s first live video stream in 1994, unintentionally starting a revolution.

Because streaming allows you to distribute real-time video anywhere in the world, spreading knowledge and creativity at lightning speed and on a massive scale.

No one has gained as much operational and innovative experience with streaming as Jet-Stream. And we learned it the hard way. All this knowledge and experience is reflected in how we engineer our streaming solutions and clouds: robust. Because the show must go on, no matter what.

Besides the technology, it’s also about the people: we are ready to guide you in setting up and testing your live streaming work process. So that your live streams, TV streams, radio streams, videos and podcasts always work, with the highest performance.

2. Live encoding

Live encoding is a specialty. Jet-Stream supports all professional live hardware and software encoders. We are partners with most encoder vendors and have tested their products extensively ourselves. With some, we even have automatic integrations and presets. We support all professional encoding protocols such as SRT, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP and WebDAV. With 1 push of a button, your encoder is linked to our platform. Of course, you can always provide redundancy.

And if you can’t figure it out? Give us a call. We’ll take care of it for you. We check your settings, tune the quality and also check your upstream connection, so you and we can be sure that your broadcast runs smoothly. During your broadcast, we can watch and are available for monitoring, consultation and intervention, if necessary.

Want to do a professional broadcast without technical knowledge? Then use the free built-in OnAir encoder. We developed this ourselves. This software encoder simply runs on your laptop, directly from your browser. With one click you are live worldwide, up to 4K quality, including transcoding, adaptive streaming, packaging, multiCDN, and the player.

3. Streaming Origins

Jet-Stream Cloud provides redundant livestream origin services that can handle thousands of live streams at scale. These origins are tuned specifically for streaming, both for video and radio.

Jet-Stream Cloud also offers the ability to set up and host dedicated origins for you. This is nice if you want to work in isolation and at scale, or if you have specific technical and feature requirements.

Jet-Stream Cloud also offers the ability to run backup origins on third-party clouds, so your process keeps running even if something goes wrong with Jet-Stream’s redundant setup. This sovereign multi-cloud setup is truly high-level and unique.

Also, in Jet-Stream Cloud, you can add multiple Origin servers of your own at the click of a button. So you can unlock your entire OTT live channels portfolio within a minute, as well as your entire VOD library.

You can even mix Jet-Stream origins and your own origins. And if you want, you can switch this setup in minutes.

Oh yes: using the Jet-Stream origins and linking your own origins is completely free.

4. Transcoding

With Jet-Stream, you decide whether you want to transcode, and to what qualities. This gives you complete control over quality and cost. The passthrough option means that we do not touch the quality of your original stream and pass it on to the viewers. Per stream, you can choose a transcoding profile, and you can create your own profiles with multiple-bit rates. Jet-Stream’s transcoding is optimized for quality. And yet we keep costs low, thanks to hardware acceleration. This saves 90% of power and the cloud processors are also relieved 90%. That cuts costs substantially, and it’s good for the planet. Transcoding at Jet-Stream is a modern cloud stack, so every process is isolated, automatically started and monitored. You only pay for the minutes you use, and for 24*7 livestreams, the cost is automatically locked in at a low rate.

And of course, you can use Jet-Stream transcoding redundantly, for an ironclad duplicated work process, all in the EU zone. But did you know that Jet-Stream Cloud itself also runs a backup transcoding facility at a third-party cloud? That’s useful for rapid scale-up, but also as a backstop. We haven’t come across this level of robustness before.

Should you still prefer to do the transcoding in-house, Jet-Stream provides you with an affordable and powerful on-premises transcoder server. That has exactly the same cloud technology and hardware acceleration, the same features and the same ease of use. The only difference is that you have complete control over the transcoding. Because it also includes a packager and origin, you are completely independent of the cloud.

So Jet-Stream transcoding works in any use case: your own transcoders, Jet-Stream transcoding in-house and in the Jet-Stream Cloud. Or both in a mix. And you can change this setup at any time. How convenient.

5. Packaging

Jet-Stream Cloud automatically (and for free) generates HLS and DASH streams from your original or transcoded streams and videos. You may also provide HLS and DASH streams directly yourself. The default configuration offers an optimal ratio of reduced latency and good buffering so that streams do not have any major latency, while at the same time arriving at viewers reliably without buffering.

On Jet-Stream Cloud, we can also set up dedicated packagers, which isolate and scale your streams with settings optimized specifically for you. Think DRM, for example, or low latency, or specific CMAF configurations. Everything is guaranteed to run in your own cloud and in the EU zone. Of course, again, this can be run as a backstop on a third cloud.

Of course, you can also run your own packager on an origin and link it to Jet-Stream Cloud for free. And you can even make combinations. For example, house your VOD library with Jet-Stream, and package your livestreams yourself. Or the other way around. That freedom is what Jet-Stream stands for because every use case is unique.

6. Digital Rights Management

Jet-Stream Cloud works with multiple DRM vendors, so you are free to choose sides. For all customers using DRM, Jet-Stream applies isolated dedicated origin packagers. Encryption is included free of charge, you only pay for the issuance of the licenses. Of course, Widevine, PlayReady, Fairplay and AES encryption are supported. You are also free of course to link your own origin packager with your own or a third-party DRM solution.

7. CDNs

Built into Jet-Stream Cloud is a high-performance CDN. It is optimized for streaming and can serve out video streaming at 8K without tuning. In addition, Jet-Stream has deep integrations with 8 additional CDN partners. Each CDN has economies of scale in specific regions. Thus, an optimal mix can be set with the most extreme scale, the highest achievable uptime and performance, with the best global coverage and all at optimized costs. Thanks to deep integrations and automation, all CDNs are instantaneous and interchangeable. Jet-Stream automatically takes care of monitoring, cache flushing, shielding and log processing. Such a large pool with such robustness is unmatched. You pay an all-in price for accounts at Jet-Stream, and charges for additional traffic are competitive.

8. Multi CDN load balancing

Also unique is Jet-Stream’s load balancing across the CDNs. Instead of the passive DNS, active load balancing is applied. This makes it possible to choose the best CDN for each individual user. You can even dynamically switch to other CDNs while watching. You can also override the load balancing algorithm yourself and decide for each title which mix of CDNs should be deployed at that moment. This level of control and finesse of your global distribution is unparalleled. The service is a free part of the Jet-Stream Cloud service.

9. Video player

The term video player does not do justice to Jet-Stream’s player. In fact, it also supports radio and podcasts, and offers an interactive suite with numerous professional features for audio and text multilingualism, mid-stream multi-CDN switching, dynamic branding, interactive layers, two-way API for control, readout and integration, advertising capabilities, password protection and numerous pro features normally available only at very high player licenses. Jet-Stream’s player is part of the service for free. And, of course, you are completely free to deploy other players. That open character fits the philosophy that every use case is unique, but should be able to be facilitated by 1 platform. Of course, the Jet-Stream player is hosted from the EU zone, and no trackers are applied: no personal data are collected or shared.

10. Analytics

Jet-Stream analytics is a modern scalable cloud service included for free with Jet-Stream Cloud. The data is collected server-side because it is more reliable than through players. It also makes the service independent of players. Real-time logs are analyzed and core data is clearly presented graphically and in lists. You can filter, sort and zoom in real-time so that you can analyze professional reliable data such as viewers, traffic, viewing times, devices, errors, performance, qualities, and geographies.

11. Mix: open workflow

The open workflow nature of Jet-Stream Cloud is unique. With video platforms, you quickly get stuck in the work process imposed by them and you bump into the walls of their blackbox. Each use case is unique and should be able to be supported. But to set everything up all by yourself in a generic cloud is time-consuming, costs money, is complex, and in addition, the cloud costs are also significant.

Jet-Stream Cloud offers the ease of use of video platforms and the flexibility and openness of the cloud, without the disadvantages of either. And it saves not only time, money but also headaches. Many professional workflow tools come standard and can be used with a click. Many are even included for free. And everything can be tuned to your liking without coding. And where you don’t like it, you replace it with your own origin, packager, transcoder, player or analytics for example. We have perfected and engineered this philosophy to the max over 30 years. Let’s discuss how we can help you!