Media Streaming CDN

Want to offload your web servers? Make sure that your streaming media content is delivered in the way you intended? Have your live streams or Video on Demand content distributed globally through a CDN. Trust the pioneers of media streaming: Jet-Stream.

CDNs and media streaming

There is a difference between a standard CDN and a media streaming CDN. We are highly tuned for live and on-demand radio and video streaming. Our media streaming service goes beyond using a simple media streaming server: we offer a high performance, redundant and scalable platform for on-demand and live media streaming.

Video streaming CDN

The Jet-Stream platform is not just a CDN: we are a video broadcasting platform. We operate our own video CDN. Demanding broadcasters can’t rely on a single video streaming server. Regular CDNs simply cache anything: websites, scripts, images. They are not specialised in video hosting. Our video streaming technology is highly optimised for high performance video live streaming and video on-demand streaming. Our video streaming service offers video broadcast optimised workflow features. That is why many video streaming providers outsource delivery to Jet-Stream.