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Privacy Player upgrade

9 November 2021, Written by 0 comment

We are proud to announce that today we are upgrading Privacy Player for all Jet-Stream customers with these new features:

√ Live Preview
√ Enhanced HLS robustness
√ Mid-Stream active CDN switching
√ Continuous Playlist Playback

Live preview

Privacy Player now shows the current frame of a live stream before people hit play, if you haven’t provided a poster image. This way you can show a live preview automatically of each channel and webcast.

Enhanced HLS streaming

In the rare case of missing video chunks, Privacy Player will now more fluently switch to alternative bit rates in Safari and IOS to offer your audience a more seamless and robust streaming experience.

Mid stream active Multi CDN switching

In the rare case of buffer issues, Privacy Player will ask our active load balancers for an updated CDN recommendation, and will switch over, seamless, mid-stream. Enforced, thanks to our Airflow Multi CDN service.

Continuous playlist playback

Privacy Player Pro now lets you add an next video through the Javascript API. Recommended and new videos are loaded inline, to offer your viewers a more seamless experience, also in Chromecast and Airplay.

What is Privacy Player?

Privacy Player is a professional unified HTML5 video player that lets you publish adaptive live HLS streams, icecast radio streams, adaptive video on demand streaming, video downloads, podcasts and music.

√ HTML5 streaming, radio and media download player
√ IOS, Android, Airplay, Chromecast & all browsers
√ Ultra fast player, global CDN
√ Privacy protection, GDPR compliant
√ Bundled for free with unlimited views

√ Pro version with Developer API 
√ Unlimited views
√ Two way interactivity
√ Dynamic branding
√ Contextual Advertising

Developers, check out for API documentation