Advanced video player

The Jet-Stream video player offers your viewers the most consistent video experience. It is designed to play your content across all platforms and devices, with the quality that you intended.

Advanced player features
Jet-Stream video player brings you all the latest features in video streaming, such as 4K ultra high definition (UHD) video, 360° virtual reality, previews, scrolling thumbs, subtitling. We also allow you to set custom poster and custom ‘stream offline’ images.

We fully support VAST ad integration so you can integrate third party ad management systems and monetise your content. Try to find a streaming platform as richt as Jet-Stream that offers ad management starting at just €99 per month!

Bring your own player
Jet-Stream video player is powered by THEOplayer and is bundled and hosted for free for all Jet-Stream Webcast, Pro and MultiCDN customers. It offers many advanced features including ad management, however you cannot customise it. Many broadcasting professionals prefer to use their own custom video player. Unlike video platforms, we don’t lock you into our player. Feel free to use your own customized player with our platform: video.js or JW player for instance. We output HLS, MPEG DASH, Smooth streaming and HDS streams. We offer full support for legacy Icecast, RTMP, RTSP and MMS streaming as well.