Introducing Jet-Stream Player

The new Jet-Stream HTML5 video player offers expert features, for free, without any view limitations.

Jet-Stream Player

Don’t pay to play!

free – unlimited views – expert features – privacy – security – monetize – accurate analytics


Video player for professionals

Developed and tested with the most demanding customers
Our universal HTML5 video player makes your live and on demand stream splash off the screens on all IOS and Android devices and works beautifully in all modern Chrome, Brave, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera and IE browsers. Stream to Chromecast and Apple Airplay for your cinematic experience. Jet-Stream Player is packed with features for professionals.

Unlimited views, free

Don’t pay to play
Tired of paying for both gigabytes traffic and be limited by player views as well? We don’t eat into your margins. The Jet-Stream Video Player is 100% free and comes bundled with every Jet-Stream account, with unlimited plays, forever, and with competitive traffic plans. Only the sky is the limit: don’t pay to play.

Monetise your content

Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls
Did you know that video is the largest growth driver for online advertisement? Stop helping video platforms to monetise your content. Connect your favourite ad network to monetise your content on your own portals and apps. We don’t eat into your margins because we don’t charge per view.  The Jet-Stream Video Player supports VAST integration so you can automate and scale your ad business.

Privacy first

No trackers, GDPR compliant, EU hosted, secure streaming
Still using a video player that leaks data to foreign servers and unknown parties? Your content is your content and your data is your data. We protect the privacy of your viewers and we protect your content and data. The Jet-Stream Video Player is 100% European and does not do any tracking. Period.

Secure streaming

Protect, lock and geofence your content
Instantly lock and geo fence individual VOD and live streams. Prevent licensed content to be played outside certain territories. Make sure that your content is only played from trusted portals and apps. Our unique anti-deep-linking technologies are implemented from the CDN edge servers right into the player, we go as deep as protecting the http adaptive video segments. And of course, we deliver all your streams over HTTPS.

100% accurate analytics

Secure cloud side analytics and statistics
Did you know that already over 20% of all viewers actively block trackers? This means that you don’t measure 1/5 of your views if you use client-side video analytics as all other video players do. Whoops. Jet-Stream measures all requests in our cloud: private, safe and unblockable. Our 100% GDPR compliant analytics are 100% accurate. And that is good for your business.

“Video is our core strategy. We don’t want to make YouTube or Vimeo smarter than they already are.
We wanted to take back control and selected Jet-Stream. The Jet-Stream Player is awesome.”

No player lock-in

Freedom to play
We offer the most competitive video player in the market and it is widely supported. That doesn’t mean you have to use it when you use our video streaming platform. We don’t lock you into our video player: you can use your player of choice with our platform. Since we don’t rely on the player for analytics, you can use any player. That’s freedom.

shorter is better, mmmkay :)

Ultrafast video player

Minimalistic design, minimal code, fastest load times and feature packed
We optimised our player code down to just a few hundred kilobytes. We only load libraries when you need that specific functionality. Because we don’t use trackers, it’s always the video that starts first. The Jet-Stream Video Player is hosted on our own ultra-high performance global CDN. Screaming fast streaming.

“If you need GDPR compliancy, Jet-Stream Player is the player of choice.
We can now 
guarantee privacy to our viewers AND we get more accurate analytics.”

Advanced adaptive streaming support

Live radio, live television, webcasts, podcasts, video-on-demand
We transmux your multi-bit rate rtmp and rtsp live streams and MP4 videos automatically into http adaptive bit rate streams. We fully support HTTP remote origins and encoders and Icecast radio channels. Use the Jet-Stream Video Player for live radio, tv and VOD streaming, up to 4K UHD quality, even in 360 degrees surround video, virtual reality for the ultimate immersive experience.

Video platform on steroids

Ultra fast delivery, highest uptime, capacity for millions
We don’t just use any regular CDN. We are a CDN. Our global infrastructure was designed from the ground up for high performance video streaming. We make sure that your 4K UHD videos and live streams perform all the time. We serve content from memory. The intelligent algorithms in our active load balancers route each individual request to the best performing edge server, across the world, with capacity for millions of viewers simultaneously.

Great user experience

Minimalistic, feature rich interface
We asked viewers what they don’t like about video players. Their number one annoyance are trackers. Their second annoyance is clunky player interfaces. Jet-Stream Player offers a minimalistic professional design: content first. Jet-Stream Player offers all important controls and clear UX feedback, for instance, you can customise ‘stream offline’ and ‘no rights to access this content’ messages.

Expert video player features

It’s the whole package
Offer the most engaging and inspiring streaming media experience to your audience by adding subtitles, scroll thumbs, offline messages, multiple audio tracks, poster images, advertisement, virtual reality, and much more. Powered by a large developer community, and used by thousands across the world, the Jet-Stream Video Player is feature packed with the latest innovations in video streaming. Developers can tune into the events feed right out of the player. Check out all features below:

“We needed a player with professional features, yet we needed to save on recurring costs.
With Jet-Stream Player we got both, and their streaming platform turned out to be more high end than other platforms as well


Try the Jet-Stream Player and the Jet-Stream Platform for free for 30 days, no strings attached!

Jet-Stream Player features:

FreeThe Jet-Stream Player comes free with every Jet-Stream account
Unlimited playsNo cap on plays
OpenUse your own player or a third party player
Jet-Stream Player
Ultra fast load timeSuper light code, ultra fast loading and instant start, high performance global CDN hosted
Universal HTML5 playerWorks on all modern IOS, Android devices, and all modern Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave and IE browsers
ChromecastStream to Chromecast devices
AirplayStream to Apple Airplay devices
iFrameEmbed as iframe in your portals and apps
Core video & audio features 
HTTP Adaptive StreamingNo more buffering, intelligently adapts the stream quality to device bandwidth and capabilities, live & vod
MP4 video playbackProgressive MP4
On demand videoSupports MP4 download and HLS video-on-demand streaming
Live video streamingSupports live HLS video streaming
Live radio streamingSupports live HLS and icecast audio streaming with ability to show a poster image while playing
4K UHDSupports all screen sizes and ratios, up to 4K UHD
360 VRSupports 360 degrees virtual reality surround video
AutostartSupports autostart with autodetection if audio needs to be muted
FullscreenSupports full screen playback
RepeatRepeat VoD movies
SubtitlingSupports WebVTT multi language subtitling
Multi audio tracksAdd multiple audio tracks to single mp4 file and get an audio track selection in the player
Poster imageSupports poster image (displayed before playback)
ThumbnailsSupports thumbnails when scrubbing through the timeline of VOD titles
Offline messageStream offline detection with customizable ‘offline’ image
No access messageEnforced access control with customizable ‘no access’ video
Set start timeStart on-demand vod streams at a specified time
Visual audio feedbackAutoplay auto-mute audio animation
10 sec stepsSkip 10 seconds forward and backwards
Pre rollDisplay ads before the VOD or live stream
Mid rollDisplay ads during the VOD or live stream
Post rollDisplay ads after the VOD or live stream
VAST Ad insertionVAST 3.0 ad insertion for pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertisement
Privacy & Security
No trackersGuaranteed tracker free player, no data leaks
GDPR compliantEU hosted, no tracking
Anti deep linkingEnforced anti-deeplinking per asset, per livestream
Access controlInstant token based access control from your portal, per asset, per livestream
Geo fencingInstant configurable geo fencing, per asset and per live stream
Realtime video statisticsServer side, concurrent live viewers, requests past 24 hours; per asset, per live stream
100% accurate analyticsServer side logging & advanced analytics, 100% accurate since we do not rely on client tracking
Performance metrics*Optional user performance metrics analysis
Content adaption
RecordingRecord live streams manually and scheduled into VOD
TranscodingEncode multiple bit rates of your original video
Transmuxing to HLS and DashRealtime HLS and DASH transmuxing from MP4 files, RTMP / RTSP live stream
Logical assetsBit rates, thumbs and subtitles are all represented as one logical asset
High performance video storageRedundant cluster of high performance origins
RAM based boost serversPopular content is served from memory
MultiCDN*Global performance and peak capacity through mix of best performing CDNs *MultiCDN accounts only
Active load balancing99.999% content availability guarantee
Load balancing algorithmsEach individual request is optimized for proximity, performance, availability and over 12 variables
Global performance monitoringActive performance monitoring and load balancing across the world
Player communicationFor developers: listen for player events and act on them (Like ended, time update)
Ingest assetsBatch upload assets
RecordRecord live streams to VOD
TranscodeCreate multiple encoding profiles, create adaptive bit rate streams
Setup live streamsAutomatically create live streams
LockAutomatically prevent deep linking per asset, per stream
Geo FenceAutomatically geo fence content per asset, per stream
PublishGenerate publishing URLs and iFrame codes
Workflow APIComplete workflow automation for developers: users, streams, security, publishing
EU office hoursPhone and email
Basic support contractPhone and email, EU business hours
Exclusive supportPhone and email, 24*7
Event supportPhone and email, during your webcast