Bespoke streaming services

We design, build, host and manage your CDN.

Dedicated origin servers

Extend your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account with dedicated origin servers. Private origins give you strategic control over content web-processing such as encoding, transmuxing and protection. They also guarantee the highest performance. Dedicated origins can be hosted inside your network, or inside the Jet-Stream platform. Learn more about Jet-Stream dedicated origin servers, use cases, technologies and services.

Dedicated edge servers

Extend your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account with dedicated edge servers. With dedicated edge servers we can improve the footprint for your specific needs, within remote areas or within your own network. With your private edges in a hybrid mix with MultiCDN, you can outperform any other CDN, even Jet-Stream. Learn more about dedicated edge server use cases and technologies.

Private, Hybrid, Multi, Managed, CDNs

A private CDN lets content owners monetise their own content and gain full strategic control over delivery, in a hybrid mix of private edges and multiple global CDNs. A private on-net CDN lets telecom operators monetise video traffic and compete with CDNs, while still being able to offload traffic globally. Jet-Stream helps you to federate purchasing power and delivery capacity. Learn more how we can change the CDN industry together.

Consulting and training

Jet-Stream is intelligence provider for large vendors in the telecoms and broadcasting industries. We produce white papers, do consulting and offer bespoke training on streaming media, CDNs, architectures, business models and operations. We have introduced vendors such as Ericsson and IBM and many others into the CDN space. Feel free to come over to one of our offices if you want to be a pilot in our exciting industry too.