Broadcast grade security

Your precious content needs serious protection. Secure delivery is the way forward. We are transparent to your DRM encryption. In addition, we offer the following security features:

SSL streaming
Deliver your streams over HTTPS on the Jet-Stream platform, at no extra charge.

Secure communication
Our servers, GUI and APIs are protected by SSL and all communication between our servers is secured in multiple levels. We use active breach monitoring software that immediately blocks hacking attempts.

Advanced anti-deep linking 
On the Jet-Stream platform, each HTTP streaming session is automatically protected down to the manifest files and also all individual HTTP streaming media segments in each viewer session. We also prevent bypassing of our active request routers. This unique technology was accepted by the Olympics and National Broadcasters as an alternative to DRM.

Control individual access from your portal
In addition, you can grant users individual access from your portal. Simply lock an individual live stream or video on our platform, and use our token access control technology to grant or deny individual users access. You enjoy similar protection level as HLSE for example, but without all the encryption fuss.

Instant geofencing
Geo fencing also works instantly: use our default geo groups, or create custom geo fences and apply geo fences instantly to individual videos and live streams through our GUI and APIs.

Rights management
Need third parties to work with your Jet-Stream account? Configure additional users with limited rights, for video ingesting, live stream contribution or access to statistics for instance. These users won’t be able to see or change the contents of your account, but can still contribute: try to find such a powerful streaming focussed workflow in any other streaming platform, cloud or CDN!