Dedicated edge servers

Extend your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account with dedicated edge servers.

Private Edges
Most Jet-Stream customers are thrilled with our streaming uptime and performance. Our own tiered delivery platform plus GlobalCDN outperforms virtually any other platform. For our most demanding customers we offer the ability to add private edge servers to their accounts.

For hosting providers
For instance, hosting providers are our customers and they resell our services white labelled to their customers. We deployed managed private edge servers in their network and route all their customers to these edge servers, while peak traffic is offloaded to Multiple CDNs.

For telecom operators
We also work for telecom operators for which we deployed and manage edge servers deep in their networks. All traffic to their networks is prioritised to the edge pops over our Global CDN mix. We keep track of load, performance and availability and instantly load balance traffic to the most optimal nodes.

For content publishers
For demanding customers, we have placed dedicated edge servers in specific internet regions where Global CDNs have performance issues, so we can still deliver at the highest performance in these blank spots. We build any hybrid mix with private edges and global CDNs.

Deep edge
Another use case where Jet-Stream excels is where edge capacity is required in very specific locations, such as a corporate network, or a football stadium. Jet-Stream’s request routers have the finest granularity: we can link a specific IP address or IP range to specific edge servers and we can load balance all traffic from that address or range to a specific edge server or set of servers.

Fast deployment and operation
We can deploy dedicated edge servers within hours. Adding edge servers to your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account is a matter of minutes without causing downtime. All servers are automatically added to our pool of 24/7 managed services including active availability, performance, load and access monitoring.

Edges anywhere
Dedicated edge servers can be either hosted inside your network, in your office or in third party networks, also on virtual machines, as long as they are connected to the Internet and have a decent connection. We are completely ready for 5G mobile cell tower edge server deployment.

High performance and proven technology
Dedicated edge servers run the same optimised and feature rich technologies as our internal edge servers, so you are guaranteed of the highest standards and performance as you are getting with Jet-Stream services.

Hybrid MultiCDN
In our platform we can mix resources per account: shared edges, private edges and third party CDNs can be added to individual resellers and accounts. Our business rules let us optimise traffic flows across this dynamic pool of resources.

We love to co-create your stunning CDN architecture. Please contact us to talk about your needs.