Dedicated origin servers

Extend your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account with dedicated origins.

Private origin servers
Most Jet-Stream customers prefer to outsource origin hosting to Jet-Stream, because of our deep CDN integration, advanced features and high performance. However there is a trend that content publishers host their private streaming origin servers and let CDNs pull their content. Private origins give you strategic control over content web-processing such as encoding, transmuxing and protection. They also guarantee dedicated resources to guarantee the highest performance.

Your partner for origin servers
Designing, hosting and operating an origin server farm requires knowledge, and for many broadcasters this is an operational burden. Our streaming team has over 20 years experience in architecting, implementing and operating standard and highly customised streaming origin platforms which can be hosted at your site, or entirely hosted in our ultra fast network, with private links to our delivery infrastructure.

We have deployed dedicated origin servers for many customers, for instance to white label resellers who want to offer their customers dedicated capacity. We also built dedicated origin servers for the highest demanding customers who need large arrays of high performance storage for their VOD titles. Another one of the many examples is where we deployed custom live streaming origin servers to fit a customers’ specific workflow.

Fast deployment and integration
We can deploy dedicated origin servers within hours. Adding your origin servers to your Jet-Stream Pro or MultiCDN account is a matter of minutes without causing downtime. All servers are automatically added to our pool of 24/7 managed services including active availability, performance, load and access monitoring.

Origin shielding included
We can optimise your origin servers for live streaming, on-demand streaming or both. Because our platform automatically performs MultiCDN origin shielding services, there is no need to deploy a large array of origin servers.

Custom origins
We can either implement custom remote HTTP streaming origins, or deeply integrated dedicated origins which have similar functionality as the Jet-Stream integrated origins offer such as content management at the finest granularity such as per stream and per title geo fencing, locking, statistics and adaptive bit rate intelligence.

We also perform all your content migrations. Please contact us to talk about your needs.