Global performance yet 100% European

At Jet-Stream, privacy and data security are top priorities. We work for customers in finance, media and governments who trust us with their precious content and data.

Virtually all CDNs, clouds and streaming platforms are not European based, or have infrastructure and branches in non-EU countries. This makes these service providers subject to non-EU laws regarding privacy and data protection.

Jet-Stream is a European company, with infrastructure solely in Europe. This means that your content and data is protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To guarantee global performance, we use the most optimal routes from Europe to the world, and in addition we are fully integrated with leading global CDNs to deliver your content everywhere at the highest performance. It’s the best of both worlds.

Foreign laws which grant governments access to your and your viewers data do not apply and Jet-Stream is subject to the strictest laws to protect your data, and this is how we want it to be.

Jet-Stream does not claim any ownership on your data including access logs. They are yours. We only need to store and process logs to offer you analytics and do billing. Unlike other companies we never sell or share any logs or (meta)data to third parties.

We let you use your own video player, which means you entirely control whether third parties such as player vendors or analytics vendors can or cannot track your audience.