50% TCO reduction, 100% performance

  • In 2015, Jet-Stream introduced the Airflow Multi CDN service.
  • Over 100 customers are now using Jet-Stream Airflow
  • In the past 5 years it slashed their streaming Total Cost of Ownership by 50%.
  • Their actual content availability increased to >99.999%
  • Their audiences enjoy 100% Quality of Experience.

What does Airflow do?

  • Airflow is deeply integrated with world class CDNs
  • CDN performance is independently monitored across the globe.
  • Algorithms maintain a quality threshold and select the cheapest delivery path.
  • Viewers are enforced, actively load balanced, individually.
  • Cache flushing, certificates, anti deep linking and much more is automated.
  • All logs are centrally processed so you get unified and accurate analytics.
  • Everything is combined in an automated unified orchestration platform.
  • You can apply your own metrics and business rules.
  • Streaming workflows are highly automated, further saving time and money.

Key figures:

  • 25 years streaming
  • +years Multi CDN
  • +100 MultiCDN customers
  • 100% satisfaction 
  • 100% uptime
  • 100% performance
  • 50% TCO reduction

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