Airflow Multi CDN

Signing up, and integrating multiple CDNs, monitoring and running a multi-CDN environment is difficult and expensive. Often, MultiCDN degrades you to the minimal feature set of the lowest common denominator.

Introduced in 2015 – often copied but never equaled – Jet-Stream Airflow is the leading Multi CDN streaming platform that offers deep CDN integration, active load balancing, independent monitoring, intelligent algorithms and by far the best workflow automation.

Airflow greatly reduces time to market. It takes the headache out of managing a multi CDN environment. Airflow slashes total operational costs by 50% for our customers.

Airflow orchestrates world class CDNs in one unified platform. All the streaming workflow features are available, regardless the dynamic mix of underlying CDNs. Airflow goes beyond switching, it lets you fly beyond the CDNs, beyond the clouds.

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