Privacy Player Pro

Share your creativity, not your data

Are you still sharing critical business information such as your market reach and your advertisers with third parties through your player vendor?

Privacy Player Pro is the first video player to introduce contextual advertising. Privacy laws and IOS 14.5 blocks the use of 3rd party cookies and trackers. This has a major impact on the value of your reach and your ad revenues.

With contextual advertising, you safeguard your revenue stream from video ads, while protecting the privacy of your viewers. Privacy Player Pro is a popular high-end professional video player for web and mobile, and comes with unlimited views: don’t pay to play.

Privacy Player Pro

Unlimited views | contextual advertising | interactive API | dynamic branding

Recommendation engine | 360° live streaming | privacy | accurate analytics

Contextual Advertising

Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro is the first commercially available video player to support contextual advertising: this is a game changer. Instead of sharing the users profile, you select and share IAB categories and metadata about the video with advertisers.

Two way interactivity

Control the player from your website, read out video timing, change your website according to what’s being shown in the video. Dynamically overlay iFrames with call-to-actions, and overlay graphics on top of your stream.


Dynamic branding

Change the colors of the player, use a custom play button and overlay logos. Create a unified look and feel with your brand and your website design by customizing Privacy Player Pro. 


Javascript API

Use the Player Javascript API to create stunning interactive video experiences. Read how to embed Privacy Player Pro, read the Player API documentation and see interactive code examples here:

Share your creativity, not your data

No trackers. We love privacy. Offer the greatest interactive experiences using Privacy Player Pro. Privacy Player does not collect, store or share any data. It is hosted in the EU and complies to the strictest European privacy laws.

Don’t pay to play

Unlimited play starts, unlimited domains. We don’t eat into your CPM margins.
Privacy Player Free comes bundled for free with unlimited views.
Privacy Player Pro comes bundled for €149/m with unlimited views.

4K, 8K, 360° VR

Stream live and on-demand in the highest qualities, and offer stunning live and on-demand surround video experiences.


Video player for professionals

Developed and tested with the most demanding customers
Privacy Player is a universal HTML5 HLS streaming, Icecast radio and progressive media player. It enables professional live and vod streaming on all modern popular devices and browsers, including IOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Chrome, Brave, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera and IE. The core technology of Jet-Stream Player is used by thousands broadcasters, publishers, events and brands across the world. Our video player comes packed with expert features, in two flavours: Free and Pro, both with unlimited views.

“Video is our core strategy. YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo play by their own rules: we need to be in control and selected Jet-Stream. Jet-Stream Player is not just a video player. It comes with a streaming service that is flexible, powerful and reliable under all circumstances. I like the light weight code but still comprehensive feature set of the player. Especially that there are no player costs and the ad revenues are ours.” – Sebastiaan Vos, Manager Digital NH Media | AT5 Broadcasting.

100% accurate analytics

Secure cloud side analytics and statistics
Did you know that already over 50% of all viewers actively block trackers? This means that you don’t measure 1/5 of your views if you use client-side video analytics. Whoops. Jet-Stream measures all requests server-based in our secure cloud: private, safe and unblock-able. Our GDPR compliant statistics and analytics are 100% accurate.

“Almost all well-known video players collect information about viewers, and much more than is really necessary, they store this data outside the EU, often with third parties. It is unclear what happens to the data. They violate several European laws. I am glad there is now a privacy-friendly alternative.”- Mr. Dr. Mathieu Paapst, privacy adviser at ICTRecht.”

Secure streaming

Protect, lock and geofence your content
We deliver all your streams over HTTPS. Instantly lock and geo fence individual videos and live streams. Prevent licensed content to be played outside certain territories. Make sure that your content is only played from trusted portals and apps. Our unique anti-deep-linking technologies are implemented from global CDN edge servers right into the video players. We go as deep as protecting the adaptive video segments.

Advanced adaptive bit rate streaming support

Live radio, live television, webcasts, podcasts, video-on-demand
We transmux your multi-bit rate live streams and MP4 videos automatically into adaptive bit rate streams. We fully support remote origins, all popular live encoders and Icecast radio channels. Use Jet-Stream Player for live radio, tv and VOD streaming, up to 4K UHD quality, even in 360 degrees virtual reality for the ultimate immersive experience.

shorter is better, mmmkay :)

Faster than the speed of sound

Minimalistic building blocks
We optimised our player code down to just a few hundred kilobytes. Jet-Stream Player only loads libraries when you need specific functionality. Because we don’t use trackers, it’s always the video that starts first. Jet-Stream Video Player is hosted on our own ultra-high performance global CDN. Screaming fast streaming.

“We work for hundreds broadcasters, publishers, sports clubs and brands throughout Europe. They rely on us for professional streaming services. I am proud to share that all Jet-Stream customers who previously used licensed players, switched to the Jet-Stream Privacy Player, without any migration issues. The switch saves them money, they get unlimited plays, they get better analytics and it helps them protect the privacy of their viewers. Also, customers who use custom players or video platforms are considering to switch to the new Privacy Player.” – Stef van der Ziel, CEO Jet-Stream.

Great user experience

Minimalistic, feature rich interface
We asked viewers what they don’t like about video players. Their number one annoyance are trackers. Their second annoyance is clunky player interfaces. Jet-Stream Player offers a minimalistic professional design: content first. Jet-Stream Player offers all important controls and clear UX feedback. For instance, you can upload customised ‘stream offline’ and ‘no rights to access this content’ video messages.

Video platform on steroids

Ultra fast delivery, highest uptime, capacity for millions
We don’t just use any regular CDN. We are a CDN. Our global infrastructure was designed from the ground up for high performance video streaming. We make sure that your 4K UHD videos and live streams perform all the time. We serve content from memory. The intelligent algorithms in our active load balancers route each individual request to the best performing edge server, across the world, with capacity for millions of viewers simultaneously.

Expert video player features

It’s the whole package
Offer the most engaging and inspiring experience to your audience by adding metadata, keywords, recommended videos, subtitles, scroll thumbs, offline messages, multiple audio tracks, poster images, advertisement, virtual reality, and much more. Powered by a large developer community, and used by thousands across the world, Jet-Stream Player is feature packed with the latest innovations in video streaming. Developers can tune into the events feed right out of the player. Check out all features below:

Try Jet-Stream Player and the Jet-Stream Platform for free, no strings attached!


Player versionStandardPro Player
Play startsUnlimitedUnlimitedDon’t pay to play
Extra playsUnlimitedUnlimitedDon’t pay to play
Concurrent viewersUnlimitedUnlimitedNo cap on concurrent viewers
DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUse the player on any domain or website
Streaming features
VOD streaming12x redundant high performance storage
Adaptive HLS streamingSeamless switching between qualities
progressive downloadsHost MP4’s, podcasts
Asset managementManage your library
TranscodingCreate additional qualities in our cloud, pay per minute
24*7 Live streamingCreate multiple live stream channels
RTMP, RTSP, webdav, HTTPPush or pull live streams in many protocols
Icecast live streamingStream live radio
Live stream recordingSchedule recording, pay per minite
Remote originsHost your own media and live streams
Player features
HTML 5 video playerUnified experience across all browsers
Hosted playerHigh performance global CDN
Light weight playerUltra fast performance
Airplay and ChromecastStream to large screens
Adaptive & ResponsiveSeamless switching between qualities
Multiple audio tracksStream multi language media
SubtitlingAdd multiple subtitle tracks
Dynamic brandingChange the look and feel
2 way interactivityCreate interactive experiences
360° VR streamingVirtual reality surround streaming
Javascript APIControl the player
Recommendation enginePromote other videos
Streaming Platform
Jet-Stream CDNHighest performance streaming CDN
Active load balancingEach viewer gets the best route
100% content availabilityHistoric achievement
Platform APIAutomate your media workflow
User managementManage users and rights
Jet-Stream Multi CDNoptionoptionHighest performing mix of global CDNs
No trackersShare your creativity, not your data
Data minimizationActive privacy policy
AnonimizationViewers cannot be identified
EU hostedData stays in the EU
EU ownedNo foreign ties
GDPR compliantActive privacy policy
No content filteringYour live streams and videos are not scanned
Stream download protectionVOD streams cannot be downloaded
Anti deep link protectionPrevent third parties from publishing
Single sign onToken based access control
Realtime access controlLock individual videos and streams
Realtime geo fencingGeo fence individual videos and streams
Password protectionAsk viewers for a password
100% accurate analyticsServer side logging
Analytics dashboardsProfessional analytics dashboard
Realtime analyticsSee which videos and streams are hot
Historical analyticsDeep dive in trends, regions, devices
Livestream analyticsConcurrent viewers per live stream
VAST supportFull support for advertising protocols
Contextual advertisingPrivacy friendly contextual advertising