Private CDNs

Jet-Stream has built many private CDNs and learned other vendors to build theirs as well. Our software has been deployed with telecom operators in Russia, Brazil, Canada, and many European countries. We have trained and supported Ericsson, IBM, Vodafone, KPN and many hosting providers as well to build dedicated streaming optimised content delivery networks inside telco networks and on the internet.

With Jet-Stream you can start small with a regular Jet-Stream Pro account, scale it up with dedicated origins and edges, and then you can upgrade to a private CDN. A private CDN core runs on 4-12 common-off-the-shelves servers and can be extended with an unlimited number of origins, edges and 3rd party Global CDNs.

With multiple Global CDNs enabled, you can run the largest streaming CDN from just 4-12 server instances on Amazon or any cloud (but we prefer physical iron). In the twenty-five years of our history with streaming media, we have seen many CDN concepts and business models come and go. Therefore we support various infrastructure and business models, including these two for example:

Jet-Stream private CDN for content providers
Monetise your own content. Cut out the man in the middle. Directly deliver through a hybrid mix of telecom operators and global CDNs without having to negotiate individual contracts. Take strategic control over delivery. Jet-Stream federates purchasing power with other content providers to negotiate the best rates.

Based upon your capacity and regional footprint needs, we design your CDN core and add an optimal mix of origins, edges and MultiCDNs. We deploy the CDN core redundantly in our network and operate the entire platform for you. You get access as a reseller-admin on your dedicated platform so you can handout or resell streaming accounts to your customers and divisions. We decide where to place the required edge servers, we negotiate deals with the CDNs and we offer you a competitive rate per GB or per Mbps.

Jet-Stream private CDN for telecom operators and hosting providers
Monetise traffic flows inside and outside your network. Use our free edge software to build powerful edge pops deep inside your network. Cut out the man in the middle. Jet-Stream federates delivery capacity with multiple telecom operators to offer content customers a single purchasing and technical platform.

Based upon your capacity and regional footprint needs, we design your CDN core and add an optimal mix of origins, edges and MultiCDNs. The CDN core can be installed inside our or your network, and you get an unlimited number of edge server licenses to be installed by yourself inside your network or anywhere on the Internet. You can deal your own peering/transit and Global CDN overflow contracts. We charge a fee per million hits on our platform.

We can’t wait to co-design your private CDN. Contact us for an expert meeting.