In the recent Jet-Stream Streaming Innovations webinar, Adrian Roe, a seasoned professional in the media technology industry, delivered a captivating presentation on simplifying live media workflow creation. His talk shed light on the complexities of the current media landscape, emphasizing the need for a shift in focus from intricate technical details to the end-user experience. 

Through a quick demonstration using Norsk Studio, Adrian showcased how the platform strives to streamline the creation of sophisticated media workflows while minimizing the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

Maturing industry

Acknowledging the complexity of the media industry, Adrian Roe emphasised the importance of maturation within the field. With numerous standards, evolving codecs, and container formats, the landscape demands constant adaptation. However, from a consumer’s perspective, the intricacies of media standards are often irrelevant. 

Innovation and evolution. How standards proliferate.

The Need for Simplification

According to Adrian Roe, the industry should move away from exposing engineers to an overwhelming amount of detail. Instead, the emphasis should be on enabling content creators to concentrate on what they want the end user to experience. 

Simplifying Workflows with Norsk Studio

To illustrate the simplification of live media workflows, Adrian conducted a quick demo using the Norsk Studio. Norsk aims to hide the complexity of media workflows and empower users to create sophisticated setups without delving into technical intricacies.

Example of the live media workflow

The Power of Norsk

Norsk, according to Adrian, is not just a tool but a powerful solution used for multiple hundred thousand live events annually. It is employed in remote production systems and monitoring setups, showcasing its versatility and reliability. The platform’s no-code interface allows users to create complex workflows effortlessly, with the added benefit of easy extensibility, ensuring that it remains a valuable asset as industry needs evolve.

Core component of the live media workflow

Emphasizing Efficiency and Sustainability

CEO of id3as concluded his presentation by emphasizing the efficiency of Norsk’s solution, particularly when deployed on accelerated hardware like NETINT. By leveraging hardware acceleration, the platform optimizes encoding, decoding, resizing, and composing processes, ensuring the cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for media workflows.

Norsk on Jet-Stream Cloud

Run Norsk on Jet-Stream Cloud and benefit from the advantages: dedicated cloud resources, high performance, redundancy, and easy integration with other video workflows such as encoding, hardware accelerated transcoding, packaging, DRM, multi-CDN, player and analytics

Jet-Stream’s Approach

Just as Adrian Roe emphasized the importance of focusing on the “what” rather than the “how,” at Jet-Stream we address these challenges through three distinct approaches: Easy, Smart, and Expert.


The “Easy” approach revolves around the platform’s user-friendly interface and streamlined functionalities. With one-click streaming, automatic transcoding, storage management, and real-time analytics, users can create and deliver high-quality content without the burden of intricate technical details. This ensures a hassle-free experience for those who prioritize simplicity in their media workflows.


Moving towards the “Smart” aspect, Jet-Stream introduces advanced capabilities that empower users to fine-tune each step in their workflow. This includes the ability to adjust streaming workflows, optimize qualities, manage costs, refine distribution strategies, generate comprehensive reports, enhance security measures, and establish a unique brand identity. This option caters to users seeking a balance between ease of use and the flexibility to customize specific elements of their VOD and live media workflow.


For those who crave an even deeper level of customization, Jet-Stream offers the “Expert” approach. This advanced option allows users to create intricate streaming workflows in a matter of minutes, rather than months. By seamlessly integrating third-party services such as Norsk and combining them with Jet-Stream’s optimized offerings, users can build highly sophisticated setups tailored to their unique requirements. This caters to professionals and experts who demand the utmost flexibility and control over every aspect of their media production and streaming processes.