Did you miss the recent Jet-Stream Streaming Innovations webinar? Then you missed out on crucial insights into the streaming trends. But no need to worry, as we’ve collected the key insights presented by our esteemed speakers to keep you up to date. So, what can you anticipate in the streaming realm this year?

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1. Emphasis on sustainability

With rising concerns over climate change, there is an increased focus on environmental sustainability within the streaming industry. A major push will be towards achieving carbon-neutral streaming operations through the use of renewable energy sources and technologies that offset carbon emissions. 

2. ASIC Technology Dominance 

Increased adoption of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology for encoding, transcoding, and video processing in streaming services, driven by its superior efficiency, smaller size, lower cost, high performance, and environmentally friendly power consumption. 

3. Shift Towards On-Premises Solutions

Streaming services are making a strategic shift towards on-premises solutions, moving certain parts of their infrastructure from public cloud providers to their own private data centers. There are several key factors driving this transition, such as more control, greater independence, performance and cost optimizations and security.

4. Adoption of Multi-Cloud Strategies in Streaming

To avoid over-reliance on any single cloud provider, there will likely be a major strategic shift towards adopting multi-cloud solutions. This will allow users to avoid vendor lock-in and potential business disruptions from a specific cloud service being discontinued or experiencing an outage. By spreading content across different cloud infrastructures, you are gaining more independence and control.

5. Streamlining Workflows with No-Code/Low-Code

In 2024, expect to see an increasing emphasis on simplifying media workflows using no-code/low-code interfaces in the streaming industry. This shift allows users to focus more on creating compelling content and optimizing consumer experience rather than getting bogged down in intricate technical details and complexity behind the scenes.

6. Focus on Accessibility

With the surge in content volume and evolving legal standards like WCAG, there is a heightened focus on AI-driven services to make content accessible. This includes subtitles, transcription, and translation in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience.

7. The Rise of Interactive Video Streaming

Interactive video streaming is already gaining popularity among different sectors, driven by advancements in technology allowing seamless integration with various platforms. The focus will be on enhanced viewer engagement, especially in the realms of marketing, advertising, education, and entertainment, with innovations such as shoppable videos, AI-driven content creation, and live streaming interactivity becoming prominent.

8. Innovations Driving Immersive Video Experiences

Technological innovations, such as Apple’s Vision Pro, will contribute to more immersive video experiences. These innovations aim to foster better knowledge and emotion sharing through enhanced visual content. Moreover, it prompts a reevaluation of how content is produced and consumed, encouraging innovation and creativity in the entertainment industry.

9. Privacy-Focused Advertising

The streaming landscape is expected to undergo a significant shift towards increased privacy measures and compliance in 2024, driven by growing user awareness, more stringent regulations such as the GDPR and ePrivacy legislation in Europe, and industry changes.

This shift means that more and more publishers will be switching on serving ads only on non-consented inventory, ensuring their advertising is privacy-friendly. They will also be exploring alternative targeting methods like contextual targeting to maintain relevance in a cookieless environment.

10. Ensuring Trust in Video Content

In 2024, streaming platforms will place a major focus on ensuring trust in video content. There will be concerted efforts to guarantee the authenticity of content from the point of capture through to the viewer. This addresses growing concerns in a world grappling with misinformation across all media types.

How you can follow streaming trends with Jet-Stream

Zero-Carbon Commitment

Already for 20 years, Jet-Stream has been powered entirely by renewable energy, with a firm commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint. The datacenters used for Jet-Stream Cloud, certified to ISO 14001 standards, exclusively utilize carbon-neutral energy sources, predominantly wind power.

Cloud or On-Prem? No need to choose!

The decision between on-premises and cloud-based solutions isn’t straightforward. We simplify this dilemma by enabling the seamless integration of cloud and on-premises services, with the flexibility to migrate between them at any level, from encoding to CDN, offering complete control over workflows, quality, performance, and costs. Additionally, our unique GDPR compliance alleviates concerns regarding cloud data storage.

On-Prem Transcoding Solution

Our MaelStrom On-prem is a transcoding solution that integrates hardware and software for unparalleled reliability and versatility, all while remaining cost-effective. By employing hardware-accelerated transcoding, our technology significantly reduces investment expenses by 72% compared to traditional CPU-based encoding, leading to substantial savings in physical space (reduced by a factor of 5) and energy consumption (slashed by 89%).

Multi-Language Support

Jet-Stream Cloud offers multi-language and live subtitle support, ensuring universal accessibility to information and engagement across language barriers.

Balancing Revenue and Privacy

In January we also gained recognition for our commitment to privacy, winning the Dutch Privacy Awards. By pioneering contextual video advertising, we have transformed the protection of viewers’ privacy into a revenue model. Through the Privacy Player Pro, we provide anonymized data and contextual information to advertisers, ensuring a harmonious balance between revenue generation and safeguarding viewer privacy.  Moreover, our Jet-Stream AI context generation for video ads further enhances this approach by automatically analyzing video content to suggest IAB categories, keywords, and summaries in a privacy-friendly manner.