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Why Jet-Stream Player

5 September 2019, Written by 0 comment

Why Jet-Stream Player, why privacy.

Hi, I’m Stef, the founder of Jet-Stream. I’m really proud of what our team achieved: a professional streaming media player, that respects the privacy of your viewers, yet offers more accurate analytics. And… it’s free. All of our customers who used our previous licensed player already switched over to the Jet-Stream Privacy Player.

Pioneering streaming

I see myself as an internet pioneer, working with online video in 1993 and producing my first live webcast in 1994. This year we celebrate 25 years streaming!

The internet we wanted: freedom

The internet we foresaw in the early nineties was a network to connect people, to share knowledge and to make things way more transparent. 

The internet we got: trackers

Unfortunately, the internet has become a large spy web of public and hidden companies that permanently track all your activities. They sell your profile to anyone without your knowledge or consent. 

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Streaming is involved too

We thought that the streaming industry was not really that involved in privacy invasive activities. But then we saw how many video players were using trackers. We saw so much data flowing to unknown parties and to clouds in remote countries.

Stop tracking people

I did not want my company to be part of this. And I don’t think our industry should be part of it. We should rethink the way we use and commercialize the internet: make it that great place again, to connect, to share and to celebrate our freedom. Stop tracking people. So we decided to take two bold steps:

  1. Let’s build a trackerless privacy player, that is better than existing players;
  2. Let’s make the privacy player free, to challenge the business model of any company that leaks data.

The free Jet-Stream Player is available now

Test drive and feedback

Feel free to test drive Jet-Stream Player for free here.
I look forward to your feedback on my first name

Don’t pay to play. Don’t pay with your data.
Stef van der Ziel – founder