We are pleased to announce that we are nominated for three 2023 Streaming Media Innovation Awards:

  1. Best Live Streaming Platform
  2. Best Transcoding Solution
  3. Best Video Advertising Solution

2022 Winner

Last year Jet-Stream was the winner in the category Best Cloud Workflow Solution, with our Mix workflow orchestration service

Why did we win? According to Streaming Media Magazine: “with Jet-Stream, you’re able to mix and match workflow components”. In short: video platforms are easy, but they lock you into their blackbox workflow.  To build bespoke workflows with clouds, you need a team of experts, this costs time, headaches, and serious money. 

Jet-Stream brings the best of both worlds: an open workflow architecture with easy to use and powerful tools, you can freely mix Jet-Stream applications and your own technologies too. Easy, smart, or expert.

Vote for Jet-Stream OnAir: Best Live Streaming Platform

  • No need to buy, install, configure, and connect live encoders
  • Great new use case opportunities
  • Stream live with one click, straight from your browser
  • Ultra-High-Definition 4K live streaming
  • Built-in transcoding, multi-CDN, branded player & statistics
OnAir 4K is a nominee for Streaming Media Innovation Awards
StreamStats interface

Live streaming is hard. OnAir 4K is by far the easiest professional live streaming service in our industry. Without the need to install, configure or connect encoding software you can stream live in a single click, in 4K quality. 

OnAir 4K is a cloud hosted, browser based live encoder, and includes cloud transcoding, multi-CDN, interactive video player and professional statistics.

OnAir 4K opens great new use cases, which were not possible before. You can now launch subscription and pay-per-view educational, training and sports platforms, let instructors do live streams natively within your portal, in a single click, and share the revenues with them.

Do you like our innovation? We are very proud of it. Please nominate OnAir here. Thanks!

Vote for MaelStrom Live: Best Transcoding Platform

  • 75% live transcoding cost reduction
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Per title full control over qualities and costs
  • Ultra-High-Definition 4K HDR quality
  • Scene optimization
MaelStrom Live nominated for the Streaming Media Innovation Awards

Transcoding is a critical part in streaming. If you do it wrong, it can cost you serious money, and you can screw up the user’s quality experience. 

Every use case has its own specific transcoding requirement. Generic video platforms manage transcoding for you. They don’t give you full control over quality and costs. You can build your own transcoding service, but this requires deep expertise (read, time, headaches, and costs).

MaelStrom Live is a robust live streaming transcoding service that lets you easily create custom transcoding profiles and generate individually optimized HLS and DASH live adaptive streams. You have full control over qualities and costs per title. The interfaces and API are the easiest to use on the market. Thanks to unique hybrid software and hardware architecture, it saves 75% costs compared to existing transcoding services, while offering high quality streams up to 4K, HDR, with scene optimization. 

Do you like our innovation? We are very proud of it. Please nominate MaelStrom Live here. Much appreciated!

Vote for Jet-Stream Contextual Advertising: Best Video Advertising Solution

Jet-Stream Contextual advertising nominated for Streaming Media Innovation Awards
contextual video advertising

Due to privacy concerns, 3rd Party cookies are being blocked, and a growing number of viewers do not consent to cookies. As a result, just 60% of video inventory is powered by ads. 

Jet-Stream Contextual Advertising lets you place ads at 100% of the inventory, resulting in 40% higher video ad revenues, at high CPM rates.

Jet-Stream Contextual Advertising is built-in for free in Privacy Player Pro and Jet-Stream Cloud. It therefore increases your CPM margins.

Contextual Advertising shares IAB categories, keywords, title, description, video metadata, the users’ geo location, device, browser, and more data with advertisers so they can target users, while shielding users’ personal data such as their browsing history and IP-address.

Contextual Advertising is 100% GDPR compliant, thanks to active privacy shielding, the use of our own EU owned and operated cloud and active privacy policies.

Do you like our innovation? We are very proud of it. Please nominate Contextual Advertising here. Much appreciated!