Per ticket

Jet-Stream charges a fee per support ticket. One ticket is calculated at 15 minutes. Regular tickets are serviced during EU office hours, with a 1 day response via email and phone.


Jet-Stream offers silver, gold and platinum SLA services. Each SLA includes a bundle of support tickets, and up to 24/7 support, 30 minutes response, and direct chat/phone/mail access to dedicated senior engineers. For mission critical streaming services, an SLA is strongly recommended. Please see the support page for rates.


Jet-Stream provides 24/7 incident support. If the reported incident is due to issues with Jet-Stream, it is resolved for free. If you need instant 24/7 support, without an SLA, you are charged for support services. Contact us for pricing details.

Hot standby

Jet-Stream provides 24/7 hot standby services to assist and monitor mission critical live event streams. Contact us for pricing details.

Free onboarding

To assist you with setting up your streaming and media workflows, Jet-Stream offers one hour free consulting from a senior expert or senior engineer. For larger projects, please contact us for free and paid onboarding services.

Do it yourself

Jet-Stream provides a one-month free trial account, a user friendly portal, well documented APIs and online documentation with example videos and sample code. This lets you find your way yourself to setup advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months. Jet-Stream also provides a troubleshooting guide. These tools help you reduce support costs significantly.