Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud’s service is charged per minute use for you, comes with unlimited viewing minutes and play starts, and includes large traffic, storage and transcoding bundles. Choose the account that fits your needs. Contact one of our experts to help you size your project and calculate a quotation. If you are not sure, start small (we advise the Pro account) and grow along: you can upgrade at any time.

Fees with Jet-Stream:

  1. Cloud Service. Charged per minute (month or annual commit), with large storage, transcoding and traffic bundles and free unlimited use of all professional services and applications.
  2. Extra traffic. Charged per GB at competitive rates. Volume and premium options. Multi-CDN for extreme uptime, global reach, scale and performance.
  3. Extra storage: Charged per GB at competitive rates. 4x redundant, 8K high performance storage for extreme uptime and performance.
  4. Extra transcoding: Charged per minute at competitive rates. Transcode custom bit rate ladders from SD to 4K. VOD, event and 24*7 linear transcoding.
  5. Support: Charged per ticket, or buy a Silver, Gold or Platinum SLA for up to 24*7 senior and dedicated engineer support.

No hidden costs

There are no other or hidden costs, everything is included: store, retrieve, hits, ingress, internal traffic, and services.