Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud is charged per minute usage by you, based on monthly usage. Viewer minutes and play starts are unlimited, with traffic bundles. Free accounts are for one month testing. Basic accounts are monthly commits, other accounts are annual commits. One month equals 43830 minutes.

Large bundles

All commits include large storage, traffic and transcoding bundles. Choose the account that fits your needs. Contact our experts for advise on sizing and a quotation.

Unlimited and free bundled services

Many services are included unlimited, for free, including origin, live and vod real-time packaging, multi-CDN, media player, analytics and security services such as password protection, geo fencing and token based URL signing.

Transparent and predictable

The benefit of the price per minute bundle is that you have transparent pricing, large bundles, and no unexpected charges as you would get with generic clouds, which charge micro-costs for a plethora of services such as ingest, store, retrieve, hits, and servers.

Calculation example:

You use the Pro account. You pay €0,015 per minute. One month equals 43830 minutes, so your monthly TCO is €657,30, with an annual commit. This price includes 1000 GB storage, 5000 GB traffic, 5000 transcoding minutes, the Pro player license with unlimited play starts, packagers, the Pro Analytics service with unlimited views, unlimited packaging, unlimited Multi-CDN load balancing, unlimited use of the security features, and 60 API calls per minute.