Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud offers packages that include a large transcoding bundle for free. Choose the package that suits your needs.

Pay per minute and 24/7

Transcoding is charged per output minute. The base fee for transcoding is €0,02 per minute for vod and event streaming, and €0,005 per minute for 24/7 continuous live transcoding.


The base fee is for SD content. For HD content (HD and FHD), every minute is charged x2. For content beyond FHD such as 2,5K and 4K, every minute is charged x4.

Example 1:

You are transcoding vod or live 10 hours of video to SD, HD, FHD quality. 10 hours * 60 minutes = 600 minutes SD, 1200 minutes HD and 1200 minutes FHD, the sum is 3000 minutes. This fits within your Pro bundle of 3000 minutes per month.

Example 2:

You are transcoding vod or live 20 hours of video to SD, HD, FHD quality. 20 hours * 60 minutes = 1200 minutes SD, 2400 minutes HD and 2400 minutes FHD, the sum is 6000 minutes. This means that you used 3000 minutes beyond your Pro bundle. €0,02 * 3000 = €60 extra charge for transcoding this month.

Example 3:

You are live transcoding a 24/7 stream in SD, HD and FHD qualities. One month equals 43830 minutes. 43830 (SD) + 87660 (HD) + 87660 (FHD) = 219150, minus 5000 in the Pro bundle = 214150 minutes. 214150 * €0,005 = €1070,75.

Contact us for expert advise on sizing and quotations.

Custom bit rate ladders

Most plans come with the ability to create custom transcoding profiles. Per profile you can decide the bit rates and qualities. Per title and per live stream you can choose which profile is being used. This way you have full control over both quality and costs, per title and per stream.


You can encode and transcode your own content yourself, and upload / upstream to Jet-Stream Cloud. When choosing the direct upload / passthrough option, your content is distributed unaltered in its original pristine quality up to 8K. Direct upload / passthrough is free of charge. This gives you full control over transcoding, quality and costs per title.