Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud packages include large storage bundles. Choose the package that suits your storage needs best. Contact us for expert advise on sizing and a quotation.

High performance 8K, 4x redundant storage

Jet-Stream storage is designed to accommodate 8K streaming, it is a premium storage service. All your content is automatically stored redundantly, times 2 zones. Bundled storage is actual usable storage, so in reality you are using more storage due to storage redundancy times 2 zones.

Extra storage

Extra storage is charged per GB at competitive rates. Actual price per GB is calculated times 4, because of the 4x redundancy.

Calculation example:

You are using the Pro account with 1000 GB storage (equals 4000 GB real storage). Your storage need is 1200 GB. 200 GB extra storage equals 4×200 = 800GB storage. At €0,01 per GB, you pay €0,01 * 800 = €8 for the extra storage per month.

Optional: dedicated storage

Are you planning to scale? Jet-Stream Cloud offers dedicated storage options starting at 100TB (actual, equals up to 400TB real world) storage. There are some benefits: first of all, you get dedicated reserved storage origins, with your own live ingest points, your own packagers, which can be customised to suit your specific needs, such as custom DVR, packaging, ad insertion and DRM. Second, you pay a wholesale flat fee per month at very competitive rates.

Optional: remote storage

Larger plans unlock the capability to integrate multiple and redundant origin VOD and live servers, for example on-premises origins with your own storage. You can combine third party origin storage with Jet-Stream origin storage to support multiple use cases and workflows in one account to create the most optimal storage mix.