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Jet-Stream Cloud is charged per minute usage by you, based on monthly usage. Viewer minutes and play starts are unlimited, with traffic bundles. Free accounts are for one month testing. Basic accounts are monthly commits, other accounts are annual commits. One month equals 43830 minutes.

Large bundles

All commits include large storage, traffic and transcoding bundles. Choose the account that fits your needs. Contact our experts for advise on sizing and a quotation.

Unlimited and free bundled services

Many services are included unlimited, for free, including origin, live and vod real-time packaging, multi-CDN, media player, analytics and security services such as password protection, geo fencing and token based URL signing.

Transparent and predictable

The benefit of the price per minute bundle is that you have transparent pricing, large bundles, and no unexpected charges as you would get with generic clouds, which charge micro-costs for a plethora of services such as ingest, store, retrieve, hits, and servers.

Calculation example:

You use the Pro account. You pay €0,015 per minute. One month equals 43830 minutes, so your monthly TCO is €657,30, with an annual commit. This price includes 1000 GB storage, 5000 GB traffic, 5000 transcoding minutes, the Pro player license with unlimited play starts, packagers, the Pro Analytics service with unlimited views, unlimited packaging, unlimited Multi-CDN load balancing, unlimited use of the security features, and 60 API calls per minute.

Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud packages include large storage bundles. Choose the package that suits your storage needs best. Contact us for expert advise on sizing and a quotation.

High performance 8K, 4x redundant storage

Jet-Stream storage is designed to accommodate 8K streaming, it is a premium storage service. All your content is automatically stored redundantly, times 2 zones. Bundled storage is actual usable storage, so in reality you are using more storage due to storage redundancy times 2 zones.

Extra storage

Extra storage is charged per GB at competitive rates. Actual price per GB is calculated times 4, because of the 4x redundancy.

Calculation example:

You are using the Pro account with 1000 GB storage (equals 4000 GB real storage). Your storage need is 1200 GB. 200 GB extra storage equals 4×200 = 800GB storage. At €0,01 per GB, you pay €0,01 * 800 = €8 for the extra storage per month.

Optional: dedicated storage

Are you planning to scale? Jet-Stream Cloud offers dedicated storage options starting at 100TB (actual, equals up to 400TB real world) storage. There are some benefits: first of all, you get dedicated reserved storage origins, with your own live ingest points, your own packagers, which can be customised to suit your specific needs, such as custom DVR, packaging, ad insertion and DRM. Second, you pay a wholesale flat fee per month at very competitive rates.

Optional: remote storage

Larger plans unlock the capability to integrate multiple and redundant origin VOD and live servers, for example on-premises origins with your own storage. You can combine third party origin storage with Jet-Stream origin storage to support multiple use cases and workflows in one account to create the most optimal storage mix.

Category: Pricing FAQ

All Jet-Stream Cloud packages include a large traffic bundle for free. Choose the package that suits your needs best. Contact us for expert advise on sizing and a quotation.

Bundled and extra traffic

If your service generates extra traffic beyond your bundle, this traffic is charged per GB afterwards. The price per GB depends on your volume and whether you use the volume or the premium CDN option.

Competitive traffic rates

Traffic rates can vary between €0,005 per GB for high volume traffic to €0,05 for low volume premium traffic to exotic regions. Jet-Stream is transparent in which rates you get and these are contractually signed, to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Multi CDN mix

With Basic and Pro accounts, Jet-Stream creates the mix of CDNs. With Enterprise and Broadcaster accounts you get to choose which CDNs are used in which region.

  • Basic accounts are served from the high performance 8K Jet-Stream European CDN for extreme performance in the EU.
  • Pro accounts are served from the Jet-Stream CDN plus one global volume or premium CDN for global coverage, scale, redundancy and performance in EU, North America, South America, Asia and Pacific.
  • Enterprise accounts are served from the Jet-Stream CDN plus two global volume and/or premium CDNs for improved global coverage, scale, redundancy and performance in EU, North America, South America, Asia and Pacific.
  • Broadcaster accounts are served from the Jet-Stream CDN plus three global volume and/or premium CDNs for ultimate global coverage, scale, redundancy and performance, even in remote regions such as China, Middle-East and Africa.

Calculation example:

You are using the Pro account which includes 60000 GB traffic per year (5000 GB per month). In the past month you have used 7500 GB, which means 2500 GB extra. The contractual price for extra traffic was €0,02 per GB for premium CDN usage, so you are charged €0,02 * 2500 = €50 extra for that month. Traffic bundles are calculated per month. If you want annual flexible traffic volumes, please contact us.


You can override Jet-Stream’s multi-CDN load balancing system and steer traffic per individual stream, video and origin to specific CDNs. Jet-Stream uses a fair use policy on CDN switching, meaning that you won’t get instant charges if temporarily more expensive CDNs are being used. If more expensive CDNs are used beyond the FUP, Jet-Stream will charge you the higher CDN charge.

Bespoke CDN configurations

For large volumes, Jet-Stream helps you negotiate competitive wholesale rates with its CDN partners. Jet-Stream is neutral and independent and advise on the best CDNs for your use case, and considers geographies, performance, uptime, pricing, features, eco-footprint and data protection. Jet-Stream charges hours for consulting, negotiations, testing and implementation.

Bring your own CDN

For larger plans it is possible to bring in your own CDN contract. In that case, Jet-Stream will not charge for traffic, instead Jet-Stream will charge fees for multi-CDN load balancing, log processing and analytics. If your CDN is not integrated yet, Jet-Stream will charge one-time integration costs.

Private edges

For larger plans, Jet-Stream can deploy dedicated, private edge servers, either in our facilities, or in third party on-premises facilities. This enables deep edge delivery inside telecom, mobile and enterprise networks. These edges can be mixed with CDNs, to design the most optimal delivery infrastructure for your use case.

Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud offers packages that include a large transcoding bundle for free. Choose the package that suits your needs.

Pay per minute and 24/7

Transcoding is charged per output minute. The base fee for transcoding is €0,02 per minute for vod and event streaming, and €0,005 per minute for 24/7 continuous live transcoding.


The base fee is for SD content. For HD content (HD and FHD), every minute is charged x2. For content beyond FHD such as 2,5K and 4K, every minute is charged x4.

Example 1:

You are transcoding vod or live 10 hours of video to SD, HD, FHD quality. 10 hours * 60 minutes = 600 minutes SD, 1200 minutes HD and 1200 minutes FHD, the sum is 3000 minutes. This fits within your Pro bundle of 3000 minutes per month.

Example 2:

You are transcoding vod or live 20 hours of video to SD, HD, FHD quality. 20 hours * 60 minutes = 1200 minutes SD, 2400 minutes HD and 2400 minutes FHD, the sum is 6000 minutes. This means that you used 3000 minutes beyond your Pro bundle. €0,02 * 3000 = €60 extra charge for transcoding this month.

Example 3:

You are live transcoding a 24/7 stream in SD, HD and FHD qualities. One month equals 43830 minutes. 43830 (SD) + 87660 (HD) + 87660 (FHD) = 219150, minus 5000 in the Pro bundle = 214150 minutes. 214150 * €0,005 = €1070,75.

Contact us for expert advise on sizing and quotations.

Custom bit rate ladders

Most plans come with the ability to create custom transcoding profiles. Per profile you can decide the bit rates and qualities. Per title and per live stream you can choose which profile is being used. This way you have full control over both quality and costs, per title and per stream.


You can encode and transcode your own content yourself, and upload / upstream to Jet-Stream Cloud. When choosing the direct upload / passthrough option, your content is distributed unaltered in its original pristine quality up to 8K. Direct upload / passthrough is free of charge. This gives you full control over transcoding, quality and costs per title.

Category: Pricing FAQ

Jet-Stream Cloud’s service is charged per minute use for you, comes with unlimited viewing minutes and play starts, and includes large traffic, storage and transcoding bundles. Choose the account that fits your needs. Contact one of our experts to help you size your project and calculate a quotation. If you are not sure, start small (we advise the Pro account) and grow along: you can upgrade at any time.

Fees with Jet-Stream:

  1. Cloud Service. Charged per minute (month or annual commit), with large storage, transcoding and traffic bundles and free unlimited use of all professional services and applications.
  2. Extra traffic. Charged per GB at competitive rates. Volume and premium options. Multi-CDN for extreme uptime, global reach, scale and performance.
  3. Extra storage: Charged per GB at competitive rates. 4x redundant, 8K high performance storage for extreme uptime and performance.
  4. Extra transcoding: Charged per minute at competitive rates. Transcode custom bit rate ladders from SD to 4K. VOD, event and 24*7 linear transcoding.
  5. Support: Charged per ticket, or buy a Silver, Gold or Platinum SLA for up to 24*7 senior and dedicated engineer support.

No hidden costs

There are no other or hidden costs, everything is included: store, retrieve, hits, ingress, internal traffic, and services.

Per ticket

Jet-Stream charges a fee per support ticket. One ticket is calculated at 15 minutes. Regular tickets are serviced during EU office hours, with a 1 day response via email and phone.


Jet-Stream offers silver, gold and platinum SLA services. Each SLA includes a bundle of support tickets, and up to 24/7 support, 30 minutes response, and direct chat/phone/mail access to dedicated senior engineers. For mission critical streaming services, an SLA is strongly recommended. Please see the support page for rates.


Jet-Stream provides 24/7 incident support. If the reported incident is due to issues with Jet-Stream, it is resolved for free. If you need instant 24/7 support, without an SLA, you are charged for support services. Contact us for pricing details.

Hot standby

Jet-Stream provides 24/7 hot standby services to assist and monitor mission critical live event streams. Contact us for pricing details.

Free onboarding

To assist you with setting up your streaming and media workflows, Jet-Stream offers one hour free consulting from a senior expert or senior engineer. For larger projects, please contact us for free and paid onboarding services.

Do it yourself

Jet-Stream provides a one-month free trial account, a user friendly portal, well documented APIs and online documentation with example videos and sample code. This lets you find your way yourself to setup advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months. Jet-Stream also provides a troubleshooting guide. These tools help you reduce support costs significantly.