Multi CDN use cases

Dozens of Jet-Stream customers already upgraded their Jet-Stream Pro account to a Multi CDN account, or have switched from a single CDN vendor to Jet-Stream Multi CDN.

Case: Cost management, highest uptime and performance
We have slashed CDN TCO costs for customers by 50%. Jet-Stream Multi CDN permanently monitors the availability and performance of all global CDNs, per region. Per customer we configure the optimal mix of CDNs. Traffic is automatically load balanced to the cheapest (mix) of available CDNs. In the event of an outage or performance drop, Jet-Stream Multi CDN instantly take this CDN out of the active pool and Jet-Stream Multi CDN immediately load balances new viewers to other CDNs using active request routing.

Case: over-flow Multi CDN
The Jet-Stream CDN can handle large peaks. However, some live events require more capacity than a single CDN can handle. For these customers, we add a mix of CDNs to their account. If content reaches a configurable popularity threshold, we automatically overflow traffic to multiple CDNs, basically creating the largest CDN in the world.

Case: peak cost optimisation
For large volume customers, it is more affordable to purchase traffic per Mbps (95 percentile) instead of per GB. However, if you have high data peaks, costs can rise extremely. Jet-Stream Multi CDN can load balance peak traffic to alternative CDNs to keep 95% traffic within budget boundaries.

Case: regional optimisation
For most customers, the Jet-Stream CDN brings the best performance to their audiences. But no single CDN has the perfect global footprint. Jet-Stream Multi CDN lets us use specific CDNs to cover specific areas. We are the default delivery platform, except for traffic from specific regions: one or multiple CDNs are selected to deliver all traffic there.

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