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SVOD OTT for Artfilm

Artfilm: by filmmakers, for film fans. SVOD streaming service Artfilm is a popular Swiss film streaming subscription service (SVOD). The service offers full feature films, documentaries and short films. You can subscribe per day, per month and per year to get unlimited access to the entire VOD streaming library. Artfilm also offers an iOS app, […]

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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Who hasn’t heard of it: the Eurovision Song Contest, with extravagant shows from all over Europe, and far beyond? The 2021 edition was, of course, bizarre because of Covid. How can participating countries see their own rehearsals if they are not physically present? And how can you keep the press informed if journalists cannot get […]

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Broadcast Partners

Broadcast Partners is one of the most renowned companies in the field of media distribution. The company has its roots in FM broadcasting. Nowadays it is also a strong partner in digital distribution for radio. To offer their radio customers professional streaming services, Broadcast Partners needs to rely on a broadcast grade streaming platform. After […]

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24Trains: svod subscription OTT

Let’s say you are a famous DJ and media entrepreneur, with a hobby: trains. Erik de Zwart loves trains. His vision is that anyone should be able to start a media platform. Building media platforms is his new venture: Medli. Why not showcase the endless possibilities and opportunities using his own interests? 24Trains is a […]

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NH Media + Jet-Stream: an invaluable partnership

NH Media and AT5 are two major media companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the North-Holland region. With their collection of media brands, such as NH Nieuws, NH Radio, NH Sport and AT5, they inform, inspire and connect the city and the region 24/7. NH Nieuws and AT5 are the most important news sources […]

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Live Spring: popular streams

Jet-Stream Pro, recording

Live streaming can be technically challenging. Especially if you are streaming from the inside of birdhouses. Each year the Dutch Birdlife has 20 continuous livestreams showing the life of birds in spring. This attracts an audience of millions of bird watchers. To make sure that the streams are delivered in pristine condition, they work with Jet-Stream. Read their story here.

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Jet-Stream + Mux integration

Partner integration, MultiCDN

Recently, Jet-Stream integrated with Mux Data and is feeding Mux global CDN streaming performance data into its Multi-CDN load balancing. Viewers expect online video to play perfectly, every time. To make this happen, you need the right QoE data, and you need to use the data well. Mux Data combined with Jet-Stream is a powerful combination. Read the full story.

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Claranet: Private CDN, MultiCDN

Private CDN, MultiCDN

Claranet’s content is viewed in many countries across the globe, some of which are quite remote. They have chosen to work with Jet-Stream Private and MultiCDN. This enables them to stream at the desired quality everywhere in the world. By having a partially insourced platform, they found out that they could cut costs in the process. Read their story here.

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ESA: streaming & CDN consultancy

Consulting & Research

Like many other technology driven organisations, ESA often seeks out consortia of internationally renowned consultants to give them advise on a particular topic of interest. And when that topic of interest is delivery of streaming media, they ask Jet-Stream. Find out what Jet-Stream Consultancy does for organisations like the European Space Agency.

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Customer X: advanced workflow

Jet-Stream Pro, plus bespoke services

Privacy and marketing are both of great importance to Jet-Stream. Sometimes we have a fantastic use case, but the company in question is very private about the fact that we offer them that solution. We of course need to respect that privacy. So in this case we have decided to write the case of the mysterious Customer X. Can you guess who they are?

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NPO: Multi CDN for public broadcasters

Multi CDN

The Dutch public broadcasting organisation, NPO, has worked with Jet-Stream on many occasions. NPO has her own streaming platform and works with external companies like Jet-Stream, to outsource some of those capabilities, or to form new alliances that benefit the market as a whole. Here you can read what they have to say about working with Jet-Stream.

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Anna Valley Display: live streaming


If you need to be able to live stream a premiere of the new James Bond Movie, or Webcast a conference with ten of thousands of viewers, from a remote location. Who are you going to turn to? Anna Valley choose to work with Jet-Stream. Three years later they are as satisfied with our service as they were in the beginning. Read their story on working with Jet-Stream

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GEOCAST: webinars and event webcasting

Webcasts, Jet-Stream Pro

Highly specialised AV companies, like GEOCAST, know their stuff. They have their own streaming environment, complete with their own Wowza servers, network and player set up. And have the knowledge onboard to keep up the maintenance of such a platform. Still they work with the Jet-Stream platform. Why? Read the story of our partnership with GEOCAST here.

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Ajax TV: live television and sports videos

Jet-Stream Pro

Ajax is one of the most renowned football clubs in Europe. Old and young enjoy watching Ajax play, both inside and outside the stadium. To make sure that the enormous fan base can enjoys the latest news about their club, Ajax has launched her own TV Station: Ajax TV. Their content was to be delivered in the style befitting the best football club, they chose Jet-Stream.

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Tele1: scalable news broadcasting

Jet-Stream Pro, MultiCDN

Tele1 is a major news broadcaster in Switzerland. Their content attracts thousands of viewers simultaneously. Their live streams and VoDs must be available all the time. Tele1 can never predict how many viewers they will have. They chose Jet-Stream for both their stability and their scalability. Read their story and find out why.

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