Azure Media Services alternative:
Jet-Stream Cloud  

Don’t let Azure Media Services’ retirement impact your mission critical streaming operation.

AMS will be retired per June 30, 2024. No worries, there’s a great streaming cloud to upgrade to, with better performance, lower costs, and more features: Jet-Stream Cloud.

Azure Media Services alternative:
Jet-Stream Cloud

Azure Media Services replacement

As Azure Media Services faces its sunset, it’s time to explore a better alternative. Our platform was purpose-built for streaming, making it the preferred choice for companies seeking to deliver high-quality media content to a global audience. But we offer more than just streaming technology; we provide comprehensive support in strategy, business case, use case, and workflows. And we are ready to help you make a switch to a smarter streaming video solution!

The successor to Azure Media Services

The successor to Azure Media Services

Live encoding

Stream with OnAir 4K cloud encoder in your browser, integrate it in your portal or connect your hardware and software encoders redundantly.

Live transcoding

Experience 4K adaptive streaming live transcoding, low latency, and scene detection. Customize profiles per title and integrate your own transcoding services.

VOD transcoding

Create and manage custom profiles and transcode your videos up to 4K in a few seconds. Or passthrough original content and upload it directly to the origin.


Effortlessly transmux live and VOD content to adaptive HLS and DASH media, with custom tuning for low latency and multi-language streaming.

Easy migration from Azure streaming media services

Migrations can often present challenges, but not when you choose Jet-Stream. Our technical onboarding program is designed to assist you throughout the migration process. So, if you’re looking for a quick and effortless transition, simply get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange a technical meeting to explore how we can help.

Check out Azure Media Services migration guide.

Faster streaming, higher performance

Jet-Stream Cloud is no generic cloud platform; it was specifically designed for streaming. Every aspect, from networking to hardware and software, is integrated and finely tuned to deliver outstanding performance and deep integrations. Experience content delivery up to 430% faster and benefit from ultra-low-latency transcoding capabilities. But that’s not all! We also pride ourselves on offering a 40% cost reduction compared to other broadcasting solutions.

Jet-Stream Cloud - an alternative for Azure Media Services

Jet-Stream Cloud
More than just Azure Media Services

Jet-Stream Cloud
More than just Azure Media Services


Secure your content with real-time password protection, geo-fencing, enforced URL signing, and media encryption.

Multi CDN

Use algorithm-based global load balancing, supported by 8 CDNs, and manage real-time multi CDN geo distribution per title.


Try a professional HTML5 media player with API-driven interactivity, customizable branding, IAB VAST ad integrations, contextual advertising, and interactive overlays. A perfect alternative to Azure Media Player.


Say goodbye to Azure Media Services analytics. Access real-time statistics, accurate and tracker-free, with multi-CDN logs; monitor trends, usage, engagement, and more with 3-year retention.

Easy workflow orchestration

Gone are the days of requiring deep technical skills to manage your streaming workflows. Jet-Stream Cloud offers the same level of control as Azure Media Services but with much easier-to-use tools, saving you time, resources, and costs. With our platform, you can effortlessly manage and orchestrate your streaming workflows, without the need for a large team of engineers. 

30 years of streaming experience

When you choose Jet-Stream Cloud, you’re partnering with true streaming pioneers. We invented streaming in 1994. And with almost 30 years of experience in streaming workflow orchestration and technologies, our tech team has achieved an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 9.5.

Don’t get caught unprepared for AMS retirement!

It’s time to recalibrate your streaming strategy and seek out a reliable, forward-thinking partner who can guide you through this transition with ease and expertise. So, let Jet-Stream be that partner, offering you our expertise and support.